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    Review of Fight Club 2

    Review: Fight Club 2

    In 1996, Chuck Palahniuk brought us the novel Fight Club. Three years later saw the release of the film of the same name, which featured a significantly different ending and fit, shirtless Brad Pitt bemoaning the idealization of fit, shirtless male stereotypes. The movie – and to a lesser degree, the book – changed the […]

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    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

    Peter Parker is dead. I know what you’re thinking. He can’t really be dead, can he? He can. He is. Dead. Perished. Liquidated. Breathless. Pushing up daisies. Expired. Extinct. Cadaverous. This isn’t some trick with a body double, or a clone, or an android. Peter Parker is dead. Deadpool cashed in his contract on Peter […]

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    Review: Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #4

    Our story in Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #4 opens up by informing the readers that there are only three days until total collapse as we peek in on a conversation between Kilowog and a naked, muzzled Guy Gardner. We see that many of the Lanterns are now disarmed prisoners. John Stewart is attempting […]

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    Review: Hellboy in Hell 9 & 10

    Review: Hellboy in Hell #9 and #10

    Hellboy in Hell saw comic legend Mike Mignola’s return to the helm of the Eisner Award winning franchise he created in 1993. Hellboy in Hell picked up right where Hellboy: The Fury left off. It was originally intended as a monthly ongoing series, but after premiering with a story arc in December 2012 that continued […]

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    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #4

    Isn’t It Bromantic? has thus far been alternately ridiculous and intensely serious. In the case of Spider-Man Deadpool #4, Joe Kelly suckers us into thinking this issue is a comedic break from the seriousness of a world-class assassin trying to kill Peter Parker. The chapter appears to focus entirely on the silliness of a world-class […]

  • NCBD Justice League, Bitch Planet, Deadpool V Gambit

    NCBD – Justice League, Bitch Planet, Deadpool vs Gambit

    New Comic Book Day is upon us once again. With Justice League’s final issue before Rebirth, Bitch Planet still continuing it’s awesome work, and Deadpool going head-to-head with Gambit. Remember these are only a few of this week’s new releases that stood out from the crowd. Check out our other blog articles so see our […]

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