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    Iron Fist No More

    Mike Danny isleft What happens when the Living Weapon loses his power? Syncing up perfectly with the release of his new Netflix show, Danny Rand, a.k.a Iron Fist, spins out of the acclaimed Power Man & Iron Fist and into his own ongoing adventures. Iron Fist #1 features a very different Danny Rand. He’s no longer […]

  • secret empire



    When Marvel first announced that Captain America was a Hydra sleeper agent, I, like many of my fellow comic book fans, was a bit shaken. It seemed like another tactic to quickly boost sales for yet another big crossover event that would “change the face of Marvel as we know it.” How many times did […]

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    The Revolution Continues in Rebels

    Rebels: A Well Regulated Militia was released in 2015 to tell the story of Seth and Mercy Abbott. Set in 1775 colonial America, the series followed the newlyweds through the War of Independence. Seth was a volunteer in the militia who helped birth a nation. Rebels: These Free and Independent States #1 picks up the […]

  • Best of Marvel MAX

    Comics aren’t just for kids, is a refrain you’ll often hear from fans and it’s true. Marvel took things to a new level though with their mature content imprint MAX. Created in 2001, Marvel MAX focuses on darker heroes from the Marvel universe or creating new more morally complex characters. MAX’s R-rated comic content gives adult […]

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    It’s been a tough few months for the King of Atlantis. He’s dealt with an invasion of his home. He’s been involved in a potential war with the United States. And his followers are questioning the woman he married. But things are looking up. Aquaman has received a request to help his former enemies–The Aquamarines. This group is a  paramilitary unit […]

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    A World of Things Left Behind

    What remains of a fallen civilization? That’s the question at the center of Aftershock’s newest science fiction comic, World Reader. The new book focuses on an astronaut with a psychic ability to connect to the spirits of dead alien races. In World Reader #1 our main character is Sarah. She’s a member of a crew […]

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