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    Review: Kingdom Come 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

    In June 1996, Alex Ross and Mark Waid gave us Kingdom Come, an Elseworlds four issue comic book miniseries. Ross had the idea for a story that included most of the DC pantheon while he was working on Marvels in 1994. He pitched the story to DC and then teamed with Waid to flesh out […]

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    NCBD 5/25

    New Comic Book Day — Review for DC Rebirth, Captain America: Steve Rogers, Scooby Apocalypse #1 & Lobster Johnson: Metal Monsters of Midtown #1

    We’re full of new series this week for New Comic Book Day. With a little of everything. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and our second Hanna-Barbera series. Remeber these are just a few of this week’s new releases that stood out from the crowd. Check out our other blog articles so see our thoughts on other […]

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    Review: Rivers of London: Body Work

    Rivers of London: Body Work can be described as both an adaption and an original work. Writer, Ben Aaronovitch has published five novels of his urban fantasy meets police procedural series variously described as “True Blood” meets “Law and Order”; or, for the true Anglophiles, “Luther” set in the universe of “Harry Potter.” Aaronovitch is a […]

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    Review: I Am A Hero Omnibus #1

    A review excerpt on the back cover of I Am a Hero states that it is “The greatest zombie manga ever.” Yes, “IAAH” joins the ranks of great zombie manga such as “Maho Shojo of the End,” “Living Corpse,” and “Tokyo Zombie.” And when I say “joins the ranks,” I mean “blows them out of […]

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    Review: Superman The Golden Age, Vol 1 TPB

    While attending the same high school in 1933, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster began developing an idea for a new kind of comic. Superman started out as the story of a bald drifter who was involved in experimental drug trials. The trial drugs gave the man super abilities, including telepathy, which he used for his […]

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    Review: Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic, Part 2

    Doctor Steven Strange has been battling, and losing the battle, against Empirikul who seek to destroy the very existence of magic, everywhere. Earth has more than a few powerful magic-users in the Marvel universe, and even their combined magical-powers are seemingly no match for the science-based and science-powered Imperator and his “army” called Empirikul. In […]

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