Twilight Edward Cullen & Bella Action Figure Two-Pack Is Here!

Twilight Edward Cullen & Bella Swan Action Figure Two-PackMillions of people have read Stephenie Meyer’sTwilight series of books and watched the movie–many more than once! Star-crossed lovers Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have captivated fans of all ages with their forbidden romance, and now you can take Edward and Bella home when you pre-order the Twilight Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Action Figure Two-Pack.

If Edward being a vampire won’t keep these two crazy kids apart, nothing can! This set of action figures are perfect replicas of actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and the Edward and Bella figures stand 6 3/4″ and 6 1/4″ tall, respectively. Dressed in outfits identical to those they wore in the movie, the Edward and Bella action figures are poseable and practically beg to be displayed.

We’re offering the Twilight Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Action Figure Two-Pack for $34.99, but if you pre-order now, you’ll save 20% and pay just $27.99. These first-release figures are sure to be highly collectible, so if you’re a Twilighter, you’ll want to take action now!

Is anyone a Twilight aficionado out there? What’s your opinion on the action figures? Post your comments below!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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