Kitty Pryde Returns in Uncanny X-Men #522

Excellent! These days, no one really stays dead in comics, and I’m glad this seems to apply to Kitty Pryde as well! Marvel has announced her return to comics in Uncanny X-Men #522, out March 17.

Check out the (nifty, if kinda dorky) video below. Marvel isn’t giving out any specifics, but they do offer a brief sketch of Kitty’s history: created by John Byrne in 1980 and introduced in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #129, Kitty was introduced as a highly intelligent 13-year-old girl who could “phase” through objects like a ghost. She bonded with surrogate mother Ororo (Storm), had a rather chaste (and age-inappropriate) romance with Peter (Colossus), and joined the team as the youngest X-Man (Xavier tried to punt her over to the New Mutants, but it didn’t take).

She later was possessed by a ninja demon, bonded with Wolverine, injured and left in a permanently “phased” state, joined Excalibur, rejoined the X-Men, and then sacrificed herself by bonding with a giant bullet, phasing it through the earth, and hurtling into space.

Whew. So what’s up next for this plucky heroine? And hey, where has Lockheed been? Post your comments below!

Uncanny X-Men #522: Kitty Pryde Returns

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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