Fantagraphics Joins TFAW’s SDCC Autograph Card/CBLDF Auction Event!

FantagraphicsGroundbreaking independent publisher Fantagraphics is the latest comic book publisher to join in and support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by contributing to the Second Annual SDCC Autograph Card/CBLDF Auction event!

Fantagraphics is well known for such favorites as Love & Rockets and acclaimed graphic novels like Black Hole and Bottomless Belly Button. Now Fantagraphics is encouraging its creators to contribute to the CBLDF’s mission of supporting the First Amendment rights of the comics community. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we announce which Fantagraphics artists will be contributing art for free autograph cards that will be distributed only at SDCC ’10 by the publisher and TFAW. The original artwork will then be auctioned off by the CBLDF at their auction during San Diego Comic-Con.

We want to thank Fantagraphics and all of the awesome publishers and creators who have donated their time and talents toward this project. Make sure to visit their booths at SDCC to get your copies of these limited-edition autograph cards!

We’re thrilled to count Fantagraphics amongst the CBLDF’s supporters, but you don’t have to be a comics publisher or creator to help in the effort to save comics for tomorrow. Every individual who stands up and supports the fight for First Amendment rights plays a crucial role. Visit the CBLDF and learn how you can help!



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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

Elisabeth has been reading comics since we was a wee girl. She's obsessed with John Byrne, Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and making the perfect scrambled eggs. Follow her on @Twitter to get bonus conversations with her cat!