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Exclusive 9-Page Preview of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2

Tim Seeley backs his artists 100%. So much so that he’s actually paid past artists for Hack/Slash (his often-hilarious, always gory slasher-hunter comic) out of his own pocket!

Now Hack/Slash is at Image Comics and reaching a much wider audience, after the very popular Hack/Slash: My First Maniac miniseries. And for his next trick, Seeley has come up with a very creative way to pay off the debt left over from his altruism: he’s put together Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2, an anthology comic featuring stories by some of the hottest names in the industry!

Fortunately for us (and you), Image has shared an exclusive nine-page preview of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2. Check out one page from the following nine stories: “Too Cute” (Dennis Hopeless, Kyle Strahm, and Buster Moody), “Campfire Stories” (Scott Allie and Todd Herman), “Equal Opportunity Executioner” (Rus Wooton), “Malice in Wunderland” (Shane White and Dev Madan), “Blood on the Dance Floor” (Kevin Mellon), “Wallow in Death” (Mike Oliveri), “Home, Home on Derange” (Steve Seeley and Jenny Frison), “Deadbeats” (Gail Simone and Chris Moreno), and “Psyche” (J. Torres and Joe Song).

Check it out below!

“Too Cute” (Dennis Hopeless, Kyle Strahm, and Buster Moody)“Campfire Stories” (Scott Allie and Todd Herman)“Equal Opportunity Executioner” (Rus Wooton)

“Malice in Wunderland” (Shane White and Dev Madan)“Blood on the Dance Floor” (Kevin Mellon)“Wallow in Death” (Mike Oliveri)

“Home, Home on Derange” (Steve Seeley and Jenny Frison)“Deadbeats” (Gail Simone and Chris Moreno)“Psyche” (J. Torres and Joe Song)

Like what you see here? Pick up Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 this week and support Seeley and his awesome artists! Live in the Portland metro area? Come to our signing and meet Tim Seeley, Scott Allie, and Shane White and get your copy of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 signed by all three of them Tuesday, January 4–while enjoying complimentary food and beer (with valid ID).

Are you a fan of Hack/Slash? Are you looking forward to this anthology? Post your comments below!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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