Mark Waid Answers Your Irredeemable & Incorruptible Questions

We asked you to help us finish our exclusive interview with Mark Waid, and you did just that. Mark answered a bunch of fan questions and picked five winners to receive a copy of Irredeemable TPB Vol. 1 signed by Mark Waid and Peter Krause!

When will we see Max Damage take on The Plutonian?

You’re presuming Plutonian ever gets back to Earth! But if he ever does . . . boy, that’d make a great kick-off for year three of this universe, wouldn’t it?

What inspired you to get into comics?

I’ve loved ‘em ever since I was four years old. Now my hobby has become my career, and I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than doing for a living something you’d do for free. (But don’t tell that to my bosses at BOOM!)

If Plutonian is a Superman archetype, who’s the archetype for Max Damage?

The Golden Age Superman.

What is in store for Jailbait?

Provided we ever see her again? Oh, okay, we will. But first, you’ll be introduced to Max’s NEW new partner, his third, coming up shortly!

When plotting out a story how often does your initial plan change based on reader reaction and/or your own personal whims?

Based on reader reaction, not often, if only because Internet feedback is so rarely a true representation of the readership as a whole. But based on my own personal whims? All the time! Otherwise, where’s the fun? I’d rather be the master of my stories than have them be the master of me.

Congratulations to Zach, Jon, Hugo, Evico, and Jeffrey! You’re the winners of the signed copies of Irredeemable TPB Vol. 1. We’ll get those out to you soon!

Never to be one to leave people out, Mark also answered other questions that readers posted as well:

Hi from old Italy Mark, I have been a fan of yours since the great Flash days, I’m wondering if Irredeemable & Incorruptible have a planned ending (or sort of) or will go on as they will sell, I know you’re a great marketing man!!

Thanks! I have ideas in mind for ultimate wrap-ups, but hopefully no time soon, certainly not so long as they continue to sell!

How long can you see yourself writing Incorruptible & Irredeemable?

I still have plenty of stories to tell. You keep buying, I’ll keep writing.

For someone who has not yet read Irredeemable, would the first TPB be a good starting point?

It would, but I think you can pick up any volume and enjoy it–artist Pete Krause and I work hard to make each new TPB accessible!

Do you plan to turn your works from BOOM! into movies?

I’d love to, but that’s up to Hollywood! Tell Michael Bay to give us a call.

Will Max Daring’s next sidekick have any powers of her own of will she just be a normal human? Are we going to see any more of Gilgamos?

Powers, yes! And yes to Gilgamos–he’s going to be a major player in the next few months.

We want to thank Mark again for taking the time to answer these fan questions and sign each winner’s copy! Many thanks also to Peter Krause for signing these volumes as well!




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