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Fight and Flight

Faith Needs to Summon Inner Strength to Fight the Psiots

Faith Herbert is a typical geek. She marks out to comic, sci-fi movies, and plays Pokémon Go. Her world is upended when she discovers that she is a psiot, possessing the ability to levitate objects and fly.

Faith becomes immersed in a world she previously only experienced as an observer. She has the abilities and the heart to be the superhero her town needs–if she can only find the confidence.

In Faith #6, a psiot being held captive by Project Rising Spirit has escaped and possesses the body of Zoe, a young pop star involved in an internet scandal. This psiot, named Dark Star, can cannibalize the powers of other psiots and drain energy from any living thing.

You Gotta Have Faith

After a run in with Zoe/Dark Star, Faith finds her own abilities weakened. Bringing down the possessed child star is only one of her issues now. She will also have to deal with the overzealous PRS, who believe they’re serving the greater good. These psiots claim they are “protecting the populace from all manner of threats.” That sounds great in theory, but in practice it means they capture and attempt to control psiots.

Writer Josie Houser (Mother Panic) makes a rare connection with readers. Her stories about a comic book mark getting lost in her fandoms when times get tough should resonate with every reader who’s ever been a fan of anything. Faith quotes lines from her favorite nerdy movies and attends cons. It’s easy to imagine you might meet Faith at an event and strike up a conversation.


There is an obvious weight angle with Faith, but it doesn’t seem to matter to the story. Faith’s body type is insignificant because it doesn’t define her or limit her value in any way. Artists Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage throw all kinds of body types, skin colors, hairstyles, and complexions at the page. It all sticks and creates a believable, immersive world.

Faith #6, Valiant Entertainment, Release date December 7, 2016, Rated 12+, Written by Jody Houser, Art by Meghan Hetrick, Cover by Philip Tan, $3.99

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Written by Brendan Allen

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