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  • Happy Birthday Buffy Summers!

    Buffy Survives Another Year

    Destiny has decided that Slayers typically have a short life expectancy, but today marks the character Buffy Summers’ actual birthday. To celebrate, we want to get you caught up on what’s she’s been up to for the last 3 seasons of the comic with some quick recaps so you can still jump on board Season […]

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    NCBD Jan 18th 2017

    Captain Marvel becomes Mighty

    It’s a small week for NCBD Reviews. We’re looking at The Mighty Captain Marvel and Green Lanterns. As always These are only a small part of what came out this week. Check out our other blog articles so see our thoughts on other books. Be sure to comment or share our post on Facebook or […]

  • angel-s11-1

    Sins of the Past

    Everyone’s favorite vampire with a soul is back. Spinning out of appearances in the successful Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel & Faith series, Angel stars in his own solo series again. In Angel Season Eleven #1,  Angel and his longtime associate Fred investigate a haunting in a Dublin hotel. However, the investigation soon leads […]

  • jlpr1

    An Action-Packed Crossover

    The first issue of this six-part series is brisk and action packed. And it delivers all you could hope for in a Justice League–Power Rangers crossover. The result is plenty of action and spectacular appearances of your favorite comics characters. Justice League Power Rangers #1 begins in the Power Ranger’s home and metropolis of Angel […]

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    Yield or Die

    Doctor Jane Foster has possibly the most awkward double life in comics. When she wields Mjölnir, Foster is the Goddess of Thunder. She has all the power of Thor. Foster reverts to her human form when she isn’t holding the mystic hammer. Complicating Foster’s situation is the cancer that is slowly killing her. Every time […]

  • lobjohngarden-bones

    The Long Claw of the Lobster

    Lobster Johnson was first introduced in Hellboy in 1999. He has been a cornerstone of writer’s Mike Mingola’s supernatural world ever since. The Lobster, wearing his signature jacket and goggled helmet, continues to strikes fear into the hearts of both the mundane and paranormal. In the standalone adventure Lobster Johnson: Garden of Bones, he stalks […]

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