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    Green Lanterns #9- One Ring To Rule Them All?

    Green Lanterns #9 revisits a character we first saw in Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run, Frank Laminski. In Green Lantern #30, Laminski was piloting a craft called the Flaming Spear when he lost control and had to be rescued by Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern. Writer Sam Humphries takes us back to Frank Laminski’s childhood and […]

  • infamous-iron-man-1

    I Am Iron Man…Sort of

    The latest character to don the heroic Iron Man armor is no hero at all. Victor von Doom, the evil scientist, sorcerer, dictator and all around megalomaniac, has been a changed man since the events of the most recent Secret Wars. He is intent on righting his many, many wrongs. In Infamous Iron Man #1, […]

  • NCBD OCT 19th

    Kate Leth’s New Series Casts a Spell on New Comic Book Day

    Has it really been a week since our last New Comic Book Day comic book review? Man, time flies. Here are a few of this week’s new releases that stood out from the crowd. Check out our other blog articles so see our thoughts on other books. Be sure to comment or share our post […]

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    Pathfinder with Extra Pulp

    Sword and sorcery is the name of the game in Pathfinder Worldscape. All of the swords. All of the sorcery. Blending Paizo’s classic roleplaying game setting from Pathfinder with Dynamite Entertainment’s huge stable of pulp-fantasy characters that helped inspire games like Dungeons and Dragons in the first place. Issue 1 drops us right into the action with […]

  • darth-vader-25

    Darth Vader #25: The Force is Strong With This One

    Marvel’s adventures of Darth Vader ends with a bang, not a whimper. With many loose threads hanging from the previous two years’ worth of comics, writer Kieron Gillen has his work cut out for him in the the final issue of the Darth Vader series. Vader must deal with personal and professional betrayers and a […]

  • Power Man & Iron Fist #9

    Luke Cage Comes to Danny Rand’s Aid

    Sweet Christmas! Marvel’s new Civil War II has officially collided with the world of Power Man & Iron Fist and the fiddle-faddle hits the fan. In Power Man & Iron Fist #8, Ulysses had a vision of Luke Cage staging a prison break to bust out his best friend Danny Rand and Captain Marvel and […]

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