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    Movie Review: Batman: The Killing Joke

    Origin films seem to focus primarily on the protagonist, the hero of the film or franchise. That’s not unreasonable because usually the good guy is far more interesting than the bad guy. But what happens when that’s not the case, as with Batman’s most frightening villain, The Joker? We know the quick sketch of his […]

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    Review Civil War #3

    Review: Civil War II #3

    In the end of Civil War II #2, precognizant Inhuman Ulysses projected a vivid and terrifying vision onto everyone present. The Incredible Hulk would kill them all. This, right on the heels of Tony Stark pointing out that Ulysses’ visions may be influenced by his emotional state, and Ulysses’ emotional state being turned inside out […]

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    NCBD – Batgirl, Adventure Time & X-Men ’92

    With SDCC behind us, it’s back to buiness – and this week for New Comic Book Day we give you a glimpse at Batgirl, Adventure Time Comics, and X-Men ’92! Remember theses are only a few of this week’s new releases that stood out from the crowd. Check out our other blog articles so see […]

  • Review of Baltimore - The Plague Ships

    Review: Baltimore: The Plague Ships

    It’s a grim history of a grim parallel world. Or is it our history? Set in 1916, WWI has ended abruptly with the coming of The Plague, a plague that turns innocents into vampires. The story opens on the windswept French coastline, a fishing port where the German soldiers continue to occupy the town, to […]

  • Review of Blacksad

    Review: Blacksad

    If famed detective writer Raymond Chandler would have created gritty, noir stories with animalistic humans instead of tales like The Big Sleep and The Lady in the Lake, if Dashiell Hammett would have envisioned a tough, corrupt 1940’s where Sam Spade would still have tried to solve the mystery of The Maltese Falcon, but with […]

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    Review: Penny Dreadful #2

    The Showtime TV series is done, after three seasons, but the story continues with Titan Comics Penny Dreadful series, written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns, one of the writers from the terrific TV series. What the comic series presents, however, is a deeper origin story, more of the back story of Mina, who has been kidnapped by The […]

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