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Cullen Bunn Takes Ash & The Army of Darkness to Space

Comic Book Writer Cullen Bunn takes the Army of Darkness, and the heroic Ash to spaceCullen Bunn and Dynamite Entertainment are taking the Army of Darkness and the series’ hero, Ash, into space this winter. Army of Darkness comics have given fans Ash’s ongoing adventures for years, and Bunn’s addition to the family will be an exciting continuation of the Chosen One’s story.

Bunn’s catalog of work is impressive, with titles like Wolverine, Sinestro, The Shadow, and The Sixth Gun under his belt, his latest venture following Ash and the Deadites is sure to be a wild ride. It’s his work on various Deadpool books that has us chomping at the bit to see him take on the Army of Darkness.

You could win sought-after Army of Darkness comics from Bunn’s new series! Keep reading for more info on how to enter.

Comic Book Writer Cullen Bunn takes the Army of Darkness, and the heroic Ash to spaceTFAW: Hi Cullen, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. When did you discover Raimi’s Army of Darkness?
Cullen Bunn: I was already a fan of Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 when Army of Darkness came to movie theaters. I saw the flick on opening weekend and was completely taken by surprise. As much of a departure as EVIL DEAD 2 was from the original movie, Army of Darkness was even more of a game-changer in terms of tone and style. I loved it.

TFAW: How did you come to work on Dynamite’s Army of Darkness comic book series?
Bunn: Nick Barrucci and I have been talking about working together for some time, but we wanted to find the perfect projects for me. Last year, at Emerald City Comic Con, Nick and I sat down to discuss several projects. He surprised me by asking, “Are you familiar with Army of Darkness?” I’m pretty sure my ear-to-ear grin answered that question for him.

TFAW: It sounds like Ash is going to be in quite the predicament in this story. How did this idea hit you, and when did it start to look like this was really going to happen?
Bunn: Ash has battled demons and been possessed himself. He’s been thrown through time. It only seemed natural that I throw him into space. When Nick and I started discussing this project, one of his requests was that I do something unexpected with good ol’ Ash. Sending the Chosen One on a deep space adventure seemed to fit the bill. As the story started to come together, I was able to draw inspiration from so many amazing science fiction sources—from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Star Wars to Dune to Lovecraft’s tales to stories of John Carter of Mars!

Now, you might think that space adventures aren’t a good fit for Army of Darkness, but I believe this tale is very true to the spirit of the franchise, but still offers plenty of surprises! I’m not sure any reader will expect where this story will take them!

Comic Book Writer Cullen Bunn takes the Army of Darkness, and the heroic Ash to spaceTFAW: The first issue has multiple variants, is there one that you dig the most?
Bunn: I like them all, but the Jay Shaw ET-inspired variant might be my favorite. I like the starkness of the image. I also like those blank covers, because I can just draw my own images! Stick-figure Ash for the win!

TFAW: How has Larry Watts been to work with as a partner?
Bunn: Larry is a great collaborator. He genuinely loves the material, and he does an amazing job balancing the horror, sci-fi, and humor aspects of the story. He manages to get a lot of “acting” across with Ash, which is vitally important to this book!

TFAW: What’s your favorite part about writing Ash and the Deadites?
Bunn: I love that this project straddles a couple of different worlds and styles. The way I’m approaching this story, Ash provides the humor with his bumbling buffoonery. But the Deadites provide the creepiness and horror.

TFAW: You’ve worked with Dynamite on other projects before. How has it been to work with the folks at Dynamite Entertainment?
Bunn: Team Dynamite is an absolute delight to work with…which is nice because I’m dealing with them so frequently of late!

TFAW: How would you describe this series to someone who’s never seen Army of Darkness or read the comics?
Bunn: You know that crazy uncle of yours…the one who thinks he knows a lot more about everything than he really does…the one who frequently lets his mouth write checks his rear-end can’t cover…the one who has the utmost confidence in himself even when he gets himself into the most unbelievable hot water time and time again? Yeah, that guy. Imagine he’s the savior of humanity, our last line of defense against demons as old as time. And then imagine he has to stow away on the space shuttle in order to stop these demons from conquering the world.

TFAW: What comics are you reading right now?
Bunn: I’ve been reading a few different titles of late. I just read the first couple of issues of Fred Van Lente’s Resurrectionists, which was great. I’m digging Chris Sebela’s Dead Letters and Scott Snyder’s Wytches. My absolute favorite book right now, though is Southern Bastards from Jason Aaron and Jason Latour.

TFAW: Do you have any other projects in the works that you’re excited about?
Bunn: I have several projects that have either been recently announced or will be announced soon. Masks II from Dynamite is in the works, and it is a wildly ambitious story featuring a dozen or more characters in three time periods. Terrible Lizard from Oni Press will be launching in early November. It’s an all-ages story of a girl and her T-Rex. Wolf Moon from Vertigo is a werewolf story with a twist that will hit the stands in December. And I’ve got a couple of more Dynamite projects in the works…but I can’t reveal them just yet!

We want to thank Cullen Bunn for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us! Make sure to pre-order Bunn’s Army of Darkness comics and save 20% off the cover price! Plus, everyone who purchases issues by December 2 will be in the running to win our Army of Darkness Contest and take home some sweet collectible comics.


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See Round 1 of DC’s Futures End 3-D Motion Cover Comics

DC Comics celebrates the anniversary of The New 52 this September with Futures End, an apocalyptic peek into the DC Universe five years from now! In addition to the weekly Futures End series, DC is releasing 41 special Futures End #1 issues — each with 3-D Motion and Standard cover options!

If you remember DC’s Villains Month last year, you’ll recall that these issues sold out like lightning — and retailers were allocated. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our Futures End series page and pre-order the comics you want immediately!

The first round of 3-D cover images have been released: check out the gifs below!

Action Comics Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverAquaman Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverBatwing Futures End #1 3-D Motion Cover

Detective Comics Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverEarth 2 Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverGrayson Futures End #1 3-D Motion Cover

Green Arrow Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverGreen Lantern Futures End #1 3-D Motion CoverPhantom Stranger Futures End #1 3-D Motion Cover

Swamp Thing Futures End #1 3-D Motion Cover

Make sure to check out all 41 Futures End 3-D Motion Cover comics and Standard Cover comics, and place your order today before they sell out!




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Who Else Wants Gifts for TV Lovers? Find Them Here!

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gifts for TV loversGifts for TV lovers are hotter than ever before. Why? Just look at Twitter and Facebook: millions of people are discussing — and debating — their favorite shows, past and present. Whether it’s current shows like Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, or dearly departed friends like The X-Files, Star Trek, Firefly, Dexter, or Breaking Bad, fans are obsessed. And so are we!

That’s why we put together our Gifts for TV Lovers Page and updated it for the current holiday season! Do you have some Whedon fans on your list? Browse everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels to the new Serenity comics, as well as the Angel and Faith series. Are you a fan of animated shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show? We’ve got POP! vinyl figures, apparel, and more.

Find our recommended gifts for TV lovers in the Staff Picks section at the bottom of this and all of our Gift Ideas Pages. We make it simple to find all of the gifts you need this holiday season by organizing thousands of handpicked items by category, prices, and more — make sure to pick up a little something for yourself, too!

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Find All of Your Stocking Stuffers in Minutes at TFAW

stocking stuffersStocking stuffers are fun for many reasons: they give you a chance to show your sense of humor — or take a chance on something you think someone might like — without spending a lot of money. There are cute (or scary, or funny) little gifts out there for everyone, and at TFAW, you can pick up a bagful of thoughtful, affordable stocking stuffers in just a few minutes!

Just visit our Gifts Ideas Pages and check out our Stocking Stuffers Page. It’s filled with hundreds of mini figures, patches, keychains, and other cheap gifts for men, women, and kids. The best thing? Almost everything is $10 or less!

One of our most popular stocking stuffer options is the POP! vinyl figures by Funko. You can find an adorable little figure for almost any interest — we’ve got POP! vinyls featuring Disney princesses, characters from The Regular Show, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, Marvel and DC superheroes, My Little Pony figures, and many more.

Grab a Doctor Who mug for a co-worker, a LEGO mini figure pack for your niece or nephew, and an Ame Comi mini figure for your girlfriend! We make it easy to get all the stocking stuffers you need for all of the different people on your list, in a fraction of the time you’d spend driving all over town.

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Why DC Statues Are a Gift You Can Be Proud Of

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DC StatuesIf you’re shopping for someone who loves statues this holiday season, TFAW has a wide selection of DC statues for you to choose from for them. Why get them a DC statue this holiday season you ask? Here are a few great reasons why DC statues are a gift you can be proud to give this holiday season.

  1. DC Statues are Beautiful Pieces of Art
  2. Just like the pages of the comics they are pulled from statues are incredible works of art that any DC fan would be excited to display on their mantle. Not only that, but most statues are numbered limited editions and come with a certificate of authenticity showing them you got them a quality gift. We carry statues from all of the top companies today like DC Direct, Bowen, Artfx+, and more!

  3. A Wide Selection to Choose From
  4. We have one of the best selections of DC statues for you to choose from. We carry statues featuring all of their favorite heroes and villains of the DCU. Whether they are fans of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or even the vile Joker, we are sure to have the statue they would want to display for all of their friends to see.

  5. Something They Can Keep Forever
  6. Just like the statues of ancient Greece, your gift will be with them forever. Every time they look at it to appreciate the beauty of it they will remember you and the feelings they had when they first opened their gift. Plus, some statues are even known to go up in value over time just like some comics!

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Comic Book Gifts: Not Just for Superhero Experts Anymore

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Comic Book GiftsComic book gifts might just be the way to go for those hard-to-buy-for people on your shopping list this holiday season. With the success of such films as the Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, the Iron Man trilogy, Man of Steel, and more, comic book characters have never been more popular!

Even if they aren’t comic book experts, your friends and family might really enjoy reading the backstories of their favorite characters from their new favorite superhero movies, or possibly even just want to start reading comics. Lucky for you, at TFAW we have a fantastic selection of comics and graphic novels for you to choose from. We carry comics and graphic novels from all of the major publishers like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse. Not only that, but we also carry a whole slew of titles from independent publishers like Image, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, Boom Studios, and many more.

Are you looking for comic book gifts for for the more advanced comic collectors in your life? We also carry the often hard-to-find variants, sketch covers, and creatively themed covers by some of the hottest artists out there today. These variants are a sure fire way to light up any comic collector’s holiday!

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Now You Can Find Plush Toys & Other Fun Gifts at Great Prices

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plush toysPlush toys are fantastic gifts for many reasons: there are appropriate choices for almost any age group, there are countless options to catch the eye of even the most discerning collector, and — well, they’re cuddly! Looking for plushes and other toys this holiday season? Check out our page featuring holiday toys for hundreds of choices at great prices that won’t — ahem — toy with your budget.

Our Toy Fans Page has a section devoted to plush toys — from sweet DC plushes from Funko and cute Adventure Time toys to snuggly Star Wars and Walking Dead toys. However, the best part of our selection is that our plushes are 10-40% off, which means you can pick up an entire bagful of toys at a fraction of the price!

In addition to plush toys, our Toy Fans Page is stocked with hundreds of action figures, blind boxes, and other toys perfect for the holidays. Do you have a DC fan on your list? Make sure to browse our huge selection of DC Comics figures — everything from cute Ame Comi figures to action figures inspired by the New 52, the Arkham Asylum and Injustice video games, and more!

We’re also the place for toys from Dark Horse, including Domo, Snoopy, and Hellboy vinyls.

Make sure check out all of our Gift Ideas Pages for our recommendations. We’ve got eight pages geared to different types of fans, with thousands of hand-picked gifts organized by category and price!


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New Serenity Comics: Zack Whedon Takes Us Aboard Leaves on the Wind

Serenity ComicsBrowncoats, take note: Dark Horse’s new Serenity comics will finally answer the question, #WheresSerenity? It’s a query that has been on fans’ lips almost since the beginning: after Joss Whedon’s space western drama Firefly was canceled by Fox after only 11 of its 14 episodes aired, a small but extremely active fanbase — known as the Browncoats — took action and rallied to bring the show back.

Their efforts resulted in the 2005 feature film Serenity, which continued the exploits of Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and the rag-tag crew of the Firefly-class transport ship Serenity, as they eluded the evil Alliance and struggled to survive by any means necessary — legal or illegal.

While there have been several Serenity comics since 2005, the upcoming Serenity: Leaves on the Wind adventure is the first post-Serenity miniseries featuring the entire surviving crew! Captained by Zack Whedon (Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale) with art by Georges Jeanty (Buffy Seasons 8 and 9), this six-issue miniseries is highly anticipated by thousands of fans.

Curious? We were, too! Fortunately, we were able to interview Zack Whedon and ask him how the crew is dealing with the aftermath of the events of Serenity — in which they lost several of their crewmates and exposed some of the dirty deeds of the Alliance — and what’s coming up next!

Read his responses below, and check out the covers to Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 and #2, as well as two interior pages from issue #1! You can pre-order the first issue of these new Serenity comics now to save 20%.

TFAW: Where is the crew of the Serenity when Leaves on the Wind begins?

Zack Whedon: They are hiding out in the middle of nowhere. They are in a place with no name, where no one would ever think to look, because they’re trying to stay missing. They’ve gotten themselves a lot of attention with what they did during the events of the movie Serenity, and they’re laying low.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 Variant CoverTFAW: This is the first in-depth view we’ve seen of Mal and the gang since the movie. How have they changed?

ZW: I think they’re all still reeling from the loss of Wash and Book — that was a very traumatic experience for them all. They’re still dealing with that. River has reached a place of relative mental health, compared to how she was before the movie, so they’re happy about that, but nervous that it could go the other way at any moment. Zoe is dealing with the prospect of having a child whose father has been killed, so that’s tough on her. Even though they were successful in exposing the Alliance in Serenity [Editor’s note: the crew discovered that the Alliance had released an experimental drug on the planet Miranda, killing most of its inhabitants and spawning the savage, crazed Reavers], it puts them in a difficult position, so they’re feeling pinched by the Alliance.

TFAW: How is Mal, mentally and emotionally, right now?

ZW: Mal doesn’t ever really admit his concern to anyone, but their situation is dire, and he knows it. So he keeps a stoic façade with his crew, but he knows they’re in a desperate spot and need to make a move if they’re going to survive.

TFAW: What is the dynamic of the crew like, with the loss of Wash and Book?

ZW: It’s interesting. With Wash gone, there’s certainly less humor — not that there isn’t humor, but also there’s the fact that two of their friends met violent ends. It casts some gloom over their situation. So they’re not loving life at the moment. But it’s interesting, they’re all sort of dealing with different things, so even though they’re on the same ship, or most of them are, they’re living very different lives. Kaylee and Simon are still basking in the glow of new love, and Zoe is, as I mentioned, dealing with the prospect of having a child who doesn’t have a father. So everyone’s in a different place, even if they’re in the same location.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 Preview Page 1TFAW: So you mentioned Kaylee and Simon; will the potential romance between Mal and Inara be explored?

ZW: Yes. [laughs] I’d like the readers to know as little as possible going into the first issue. That question is answered very quickly.

TFAW: What other characters will we be seeing? Are there any new ones to introduce?

ZW: There is a new character, a young rebel activist named Bea, who gets hooked up with our crew. She’s sort of leading the Resistance — well, not leading them, but sort of spearheading their efforts to find Malcolm, because they think that he could be a great asset in terms of not only leading them, but in terms of being a figurehead for their movement. So she’s pursuing him for that reason, and she factors in in a big way.

And there’s some returning characters, some faces from the show and the movie. And then in terms of new characters, we made a couple of other Operatives. We meet them early on, but they play a larger part later. Their names are Denon and Kalista, and they are Operatives. Then, we’re also introducing an Alliance officer named Officer Rogers, who is also part of the pursuit of Serenity. So lots of bad guys, and one good guy.

TFAW: So the odds are pretty equal!

ZW: Yeah!

TFAW: I can’t imagine Mal would really take to playing the savior role. How does he respond to Bea?

ZW: He’s not into it. You know, Mal is misunderstood by a lot of people, Bea included, and what she expects to find is not what she does find, when she meets him. The guy that she imagined is very different from the person that Mal actually is. He has no interest in playing that part for her.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1 Preview Page 2TFAW: This is your second foray into writing Serenity comics, after The Shepherd’s Tale. [Editor’s note: Mea culpa! We temporarily forgot the magnificence of Whedon’s FCBD Serenity comic.] What are your favorite aspects of Firefly and Serenity?

ZW: I love the dynamics of the crew, and trying to recreate that. Everything is so off-kilter in the first issue of this new series, that you don’t really get to see them clicking together until later on. But I love recreating that. The show had such great chemistry between all these characters, and finding that again is fun.

And then, digging into the possibilities of the reaction to what they disclosed in Serenity. They dropped a big bomb with that revelation about Miranda and the Reavers and everything, so I’ve had a lot of fun with playing with how the world received that news.

TFAW: The fans of Firefly and Serenity are so enthusiastic, and so vocal! How do you deal with that kind of pressure?

ZW: Well, I’m not thinking about it. [laughs] I count myself as a fan, so I think that hopefully if I’m into the stories, that they will be too. You know, it’s very important to me to preserve the tone of the show and the movie, and of the universe, and to not stray from that. To create new stories that feel like ones you could have seen on the show. So I don’t think about it, except to get excited that there’s such a large audience waiting for it. That’s not usually the case, when you’re writing something.

So it’s exciting that there are a bunch of people who are enthusiastic about the universe, to pick up the comic on the first day and dig into it. I’m excited to share it with them. I’m really, really pleased with the first issue, I think it came out amazing.

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2TFAW: Will there be more comics after this six-issue miniseries?

ZW: I think this six-issue series will be it for me, at least for a long while. I just have a lot going on, and the process of writing comics is much slower and much more difficult for me than it is for some people. So I’m going to take a break, but my sincere hope is that they can get other great writers to keep it going, maybe in six-issue chunks or something like that. Georges is an amazing artist and has done an incredible job so far with the series, so I hope that if it does continue, it will continue with him. Because he’s doing an awesome job.

TFAW: Do you have anything else going on that you want to talk about?

ZW: Right now I’m working on a television show for AMC, a show called Halt and Catch Fire, which is set in Dallas in 1983. It’s about a computer company that’s getting into the PC business. I’m on the staff there. It was created by Chris Rogers and Chris Cantwell. It’s an amazing pilot, and I’m very excited.

Our thanks to Zack Whedon for updating us on Serenity: Leaves on the Wind! Make sure to order these Serenity comics (and catch up on previous ones) here at TFAW — you’ll save 10-50%!


Are you a Browncoat? What do you hope to see in the pages of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind? Post your comments below!

How to Find Gifts for Her & Make the Women in Your Life Feel Appreciated

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gifts for herFull disclosure: there really is no such thing as “gifts for her” — speaking as a woman who knows many other geeky females, there is no “one-size fits all” lady gift. There is no secret (pink!) sparkly cave where you’ll find a pile of loot labeled, “holiday gifts for her — AND ONLY HER, NO TOUCHING GUYS!” Women, much like men, are people. We like all kinds of different things, from superheroes and horror, to Archie and Buffy, and everything in between.

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Well gee, then why do you have a gifts for her page in the first place?” Simply put, when we put these Gift Ideas Pages together waaaaaay back in 2008, we wanted to make sure we had a page that was dedicated to geek girls of all types — because we’re growing in numbers every day, and we want to remind everyone of that very fact.

So what will you find on our gifts for her page? Surprise! It’s a pink sparkly cave! Just kidding. You’ll find comics and graphic novels with cool female characters, like Buffy and Batwoman, as well as titles by awesome female writers, like Gail Simone and Kelly Sue DeConnick. You’ll find superhero titles like All-New X-Men and horror books like Revival, as well as action figures, statues, and collectibles that would make fantastic gifts for many of the women (and men, when you come down to it) in your life.

So think about what the ladies in your life enjoy, and check out all of our Gift Ideas Pages for our recommendations. After all, the secret to picking a gift that makes someone feel appreciated — whether they’re male or female — is to put yourself in their shoes, and ponder what they might want to add to their collections. Right?


What should we add to our gifts for her page? Post your comments below!

Three Reasons to Buy Star Wars LEGOs at TFAW

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Nov 6 2013 at 12:37pm

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Star Wars LEGOsStar Wars LEGOs have been incredibly popular since they were introduced in 1999, with kids and adults alike jumping at the chance to build their own Millennium Falcons and collect dozens of Star Wars minifigures. Not only are there LEGO sets based on all six of the movies, but the license has spawned video games, apparel, and more. With this popularity comes countless places to buy Star Wars LEGOs, so why should you choose TFAW?

Convenience: At TFAW, we’ve got a great selection of Star Wars LEGOs right on our Star Wars Gift Ideas page. We make it easy to browse everything we have, purchase them securely, and have them shipped right to your door.

Selection: Are you ready to invest in a LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter, or are you looking for something more affordable for a stocking stuffer, like a Lego Star Wars TIE Interceptor and Death Star? We’ve got LEGO sets at a wide range of price points!

More Than Star Wars LEGOs: In addition to Star Wars LEGOs, we have an immense selection of Star Wars comics, graphic novels, toys, and much more. Put together an entire Star Wars-themed gift pack, or jumpstart your own collection right here at TFAW.

Need a hand? At TFAW, we pride ourselves on offering fantastic customer service, in addition to all of the geeky Star Wars swag your heart could desire! If you have questions, please click the green Live Chat button Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST at the top of our Star Wars Gift Ideas page, or post them in the comments below!