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    Batman #23: The Brave and the Mold Review

    Batman #23 starts off with a bang – two bangs actually.

    Batman #23 Review

    We see a man reciting the lyrics to “My Wild Irish Rose” as he is being shot in the head twice. The man seemingly continues to recite the words after he’s died.

    The dead man, it turns out, is Swamp Thing’s father. The plant elemental shows up at the crime scene as Batman and Commissioner Gordon are trying to figure out how the killer came in through the 86th floor window. The resulting investigation is a superhero team-up for the ages.
    However, it takes a close second to the other dynamic duo – writer Tom King and artist Mitch Gerads, the pair behind the critically acclaimed “The Sheriff of Babylon.” As with that series, Batman #23 is a tale doesn’t disappoint.

    Batman #23 Is Swamp Thing’s Rebirth

    King spins a tight yarn complete with mystery, drama, revenge and a bit of pathos on the side. With his recent work on the book, King is proving himself to be a worthy successor to longtime Dark Knight scribe Scott Snyder. As compelling as the story is, it’s Gerads’ visuals that bring the story home. His Batman – normally the dominant figure in every panel – is dwarfed by Swamp Thing. It’s appropriate since ultimately, it’s really Swamp Thing’s story.

    Gerads shades each chapter with its own color – green when we first see Swamp Thing rising from a small plant, shades of gray as the man is being shot, browns to match the mahogany walls of stately Wayne Manor. It’s an excellent visual effect which really adds an extra layer of depth to this fantastic tale.

    The surprise ending is every bit as emotional as it is gruesome, leaving nearly every character as a victim. Everyone, that is, except the reader, who will be thrilled with this great story.

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    Batman #23, Marvel Comics, Released May 17th, 2017, Written by Tom King, Art By Mitch Gerads, $2.99

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    Welcome Back To Neo-Gotham

    With Rebirth in full effect at DC, it’s delightful to see the continuation of the Batman Beyond universe in the current run of books. In the Rebirth special released last month, the violent street gang The Jokerz had carved out a section of Gotham for themselves and dubbed it Jokerz Town. But the most shocking twist was reserved for the last page of that issue when The Jokerz leader, Terminal, revealed that they were attempting to reanimate the corpse of The Joker.

    Batman Beyond #1 opens in that exact moment as Terminal monologues about how everyone deep down inside really wants to be The Joker. We also find Terry McGinnis, our current Batman, buried in rubble at the center of Jokerz Town. Needless to say, things are not looking great at the beginning of this issue. What follows is a super intense story of Batman fighting his way out of a town completely populated by Jokerz. The action hits hard and never lets up as wave after wave of Jokerz tries to take out The Bat.

    The comics of Batman Beyond have always had the luxury of not being reined in by the censors of children’s television. You really get a sense of how dangerous Neo-Gotham is and the violent threat posed by The Jokerz. Writer Dan Jurgens really puts Batman through hell in this story, which forces Terry to confront a lot of doubts he has about wearing the cowl. One of the biggest appeals of Batman Beyond has always been seeing a younger, less confident Batman struggle to live up to the legacy created by Bruce Wayne.

    It’ll be interesting to see where the book takes the resurrection of The Joker story line. There are obviously pros and cons to bringing in Batman’s most iconic nemesis. So far, the story has just played out in the background and we’ll have to wait and see what Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang have in store in coming months.

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    Batman Beyond #1, DC Comics, Released October, 26, 2016, Written by Dan Jurgens, Art by Bernard Chang, Cover by Ryan Sook, $2.99

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