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  • TFAW Security Changes

    I CAN’T ACCESS TFAW.COM!!! If you are unable to connect to, you likely have a browser that doesn’t support TLS 1.2. Please read the below information carefully, as you won’t be able to visit or purchase from until you upgrade your browser. TL;DR For PCI compliance reasons, we stopped supporting browser encryption older […]

  • Get Ready to Go on an Epic Quest in Swordquest #1

    Swordquest #1 begins in the Atari exhibit of a video game museum. In the opening panels of this new Dynamite comic, a sword is displayed prominently encased in glass. Fans will immediately recognize it as the “Sword of Ultimate Sorcery,” the ultimate prize in a five-round tournament. Each round corresponded with a new game in […]

  • TFAW Presents: An Exclusive Interview With Darby Pop CEO Jeff Kline

    If the name Darby Pop doesn’t sound familiar to you, don’t feel bad — for years, the company partnered with IDW and then Magnetic Press to get its books to market. However, thanks to the success of comics like Indestructible and Side-Kicked, Darby Pop is ready to fly solo. In an unprecedented move, Darby Pop […]

  • Dark Days: The Forge #1: The Epic Begins

    “There is a feeling you get at the beginning of an adventure…” Thus begins DC’s epic summer event, Metal. The prelude, Dark Days: The Forge, is the perfect introduction, and sets the stage for the magnitude of what is to come. Comics publishers often overuse the term “all-star” in their books, but in this case, […]

  • A Promise Delayed - Swordquest

    Swordquest: A Promise Delayed

    In the 1980s, video game giant Atari announced a new series: Swordquest. Tod Frye, the designer of 1979’s Adventure, would act as the designer for this new franchise. In each of the four Swordquest games, players would help twins Tarra and Torr defeat the evil Tyrannous and reclaim powerful artifacts. However, Swordquest had a unique […]

  • Iceman #1: Two Icemen for the Price of One

    Marvel’s newest X-Men solo comic, Iceman #1, features the exploits of Bobby Drake (the original, not the time-displaced younger version) battling baddies as well as…his parents? That’s right. Bobby has had so much trouble with his parents’ lack of understanding around him being a mutant, he hasn’t dared telling them he’s gay. Instead, Mr. and […]

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