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Because Yes, We Know You’re Awesome–We’re Giving Away Over $3,000 in Gift Certificates This Holiday Season!

With Thanksgiving a few days away and the holiday season looming just around the corner, our thoughts have turned to what we’re grateful for in our lives. Family? Sure. Friends? Of course. But we also all agreed that we’re grateful to (and for) all of you–for trusting us with your comic and collectible needs.

So from all of us, a heartfelt “Thank you!” We truly appreciate–and are grateful for–your support.

We wanted to do a little more than that, though. So we started brainstorming and came up with a few ideas. Now obviously we’re going to have some big sales for you, but it’s the holiday season, and that’s more or less par for the course. So we settled on giving presents.

Starting this Friday, we’re going to hand out $100 in gift certificates to our fantastic customers every single day through the end of 2008. Most days we’ll pick five customers and give them each $20. But we like to keep things exciting, so we’re going to throw a curve ball into the game and occasionally give the whole $100 to one person.

It’s our small way of backing up our words of gratitude with something we all can use a little more of these days–dollars. You can get the full rundown here, as well as track all the winners as they are awarded.

Don’t worry. We will not be showing any information that compromises anyone’s privacy, because that would be lame–and illegal.

Thank you all again for trusting us with your business. We appreciate it, and promise to continue to earn it and constantly search for new ways to serve you better into 2009 and beyond.


The TFAW Crew

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Written by Andrew@TFAW

Andrew is a lifelong adherent to all things geeky. His spare time is spent reading comics, playing video games, and navigating the presumed dichotomy between form and function. When he's not busy trying to do his part to make your experience with TFAW the best it can be, in all likelihood he is working towards fulfilling his dream of commanding an invincible zombie army. But in a good way.