New Superman Returns Jor-El Action Figure From Hot Toys

Jor El Action FigureOkay, I thought it was a little creepy when Bryan Singer brought Marlon Brando back from beyond the grave to guest-star as Jor-El, Superman’s father, in Superman Returns. However, Hot Toys has released a 12-inch Jor-El action figure that is a gorgeous piece for any collector of Superman or Brando items.

The sculpt is meticulous–a perfect rendering of Brando’s interpretation of Jor-El, from the curl over his forehead to his strong jaw. And, of course, he’s clad in the traditional Kryptonian garb of pristine, flowing white, with a striking black “S” on his chest.

This is a limited-run item, and you can save 20% if you pre-order before February 11. What, who says you can’t give your girlfriend a Marlon Brando-Jor-El statue for Valentine’s Day? It’ll certainly last longer than flowers and candy!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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