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Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “K”

28 Days of Comics SaleKiller! That’s the selection of comics and graphic novels included in today’s 28 Days of Comics. Today’s letter is “K,” which means you’ll save 28% on comics and graphic novels like Kurosagi Corpse Delivery, Kick Ass, and Kull.

Kingdom Come Graphic NovelI recently cracked open Kingdom Come, DC Comics’ 1996 epic by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Billed as “The Greatest Super-Hero Epic of Tomorrow,” Kingdom Come deals with a future in which Superman has abandoned humanity, the old-school heroes have been marginalized, and the next generation of heroes has run amok, terrorizing and endangering the innocent instead of protecting them.

Supe’s journey–and that of those who would join him–to restore peace, justice, and the American way to the people is something you’ll have to discover for yourself, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Kingdom Come offers a very human point of view beneath the capes of these so-called “gods,” and the artwork is simply phenomenal. Considering that the sequel, Thy Kingdom Come, is currently unspooling, now’s a great time to catch up on the original.

Make sure to come back for letter “L” tomorrow to scoop up titles like Legion of Super Heroes, Lobster Johnson, and Lone Wolf and Cub! Got comments? Post them below!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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