Save This Date! Chris Onstad of Achewood Awesomeness, Signing in Portland on April 15th!

Let me start off by saying if you don’t read Achewood, then you need to remedy that glaring oversight right now! Put down what you’re doing (your boss won’t mind) and go check it out. Then come back here.

Done? Good.

Now that you’re in the know, here’s a little bit of rad. Chris Onstad, creator of this twisted world, is moving to P-Town and we’re stoked to announce that he is going to be signing copies of Achewood: Volume 1 – The Great Outdoor Fight at our NE Sandy location in Portland this April 15th! Here’s something even cooler: he’s also bringing limited edition prints and homemade ‘zines from his private stash, which will be available as well! Fans of Achewood, and cool people of all shapes and sizes, are sure to be stoked about that.

This all kicks off at 5 P.M. on Wednesday, April 15th–so come on down and welcome one of the funniest writer/artists out there to Portland!

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Written by Andrew@TFAW

Andrew is a lifelong adherent to all things geeky. His spare time is spent reading comics, playing video games, and navigating the presumed dichotomy between form and function. When he's not busy trying to do his part to make your experience with TFAW the best it can be, in all likelihood he is working towards fulfilling his dream of commanding an invincible zombie army. But in a good way.