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Get Jennifer’s Body GN for Just $19.99

Okay, Jennifer’s Body didn’t do so well at the box office last month, but that doesn’t it’s not a fun flick. . .

I mean seriously, it’s a high school movie that’s rated “R”–of course it wasn’t going to take world by storm. I was pretty impressed with Diablo Cody’s (Juno) writing, and for as much flack as Megan Fox has gotten in the media, I think this was the perfect movie for her to star in. The acting all around was great, and the movie was just, well, fun. I think this one’s destined to be one of those cult classics that just didn’t live up to expectations during its theatrical release.

Nobody’s gonna buy a $20 hardcover for the funnybook adaptation of a movie they’ve never seen. But if you’ve already seen the movie and dug it like I did, you’ll probably want to pick up Jennifer’s Body HC.

If you haven’t seen the flick yet, I’d say check out the matinee this weekend. Now through 10/9, nab Jennifer’s Body HC for the pre-order price–just $19.99!

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So what did you think of Jennifer’s Body? Think I missed the mark? Let us know below.

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