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Our fantastic Avengers Day Party with Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker was so much fun, we didn’t want it to end! Fortunately, we can relive it via video. Bendis and Parker hosted an hour-long Q&A, where they answered questions about Avengers #1 and Atlas #1, as well as everything else under the sun, including their favorite projects and collaborators, how to break into comics, and more. Bendis also introduced his next creator-owned series, Scarlet, while Parker talked at length about the future of Thunderbolts!

The first part of the Q&A can be viewed here. In part 2 below, Bendis advises everyone that “Real writers do research,” relating a hilarious story about his first book out of college, Quivers, while Parker talks about collaborating with artists:

In part 3, Bendis and Parker continue to talk about how collaborating with artists is like dating, as well as discuss the Marvel movies (Bendis is on the advisory board, which means he is “in the credits, after the caterers”). Bendis also fields questions about the controversial Ultimatum by Jeph Loeb:

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got part 4! Bendis explains how he came up with the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign story arcs, and why it took so long for Peter to get a haircut in Ultimate Spider-Man. Bendis also jokes about getting revenge on all of his ex-girlfriends through his story lines, while Parker announces who is going to be on the new Thunderbolts team:

Thanks again to Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker for coming out and showing us and all of our guests an excellent time! We really appreciated it, and so did our customers.



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