Lois Lane Cast in New Superman Movie: Meet Amy Adams

Amy Adams Is Lois LaneThe latest Superman movie casting news broke this weekend, and it was big: three-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams has been tapped to play headstrong reporter Lois Lane.

I’m extremely pleased about this for two reasons: one, Adams is a very good actress who has tackled everything from light comedy to gut-wrenching tragedy, and who has a gift for connecting with the audience. Two: she’s 36. I really like the idea of a Lois Lane who has been a career woman for many years and won her fame–and cynicism–in a believable timeframe. I’m really hoping that this means we’ll be seeing a substantial, well-rounded Lois Lane in Zach Snyder’s Superman, rather than a typical damsel in distress.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know Adams on the small and large screens, here are some recommendations to get you caught up before curtain time:

  • Junebug: Want to laugh and then get your heart ripped out? Ashley, Adams’ pregnant, small-town character, is at first portrayed as a figure of fun. The naive, eager Ashley is smitten with the idea of the big city and follows her sophisticated sister-in-law around like a puppy. But a major plot twist (no spoilers) near the end shows the heartbreaking steel behind Adams’ performance. Hopefully, Adams will bring this immense range to Lois.
  • The Office, Seasons 1 and 2 (“Hot Girl,” “The Fire,” “Booze Cruise”): As soon as Jim asks Katy, Adams’ purse-selling character, out on a date, we know she’s history. There’s no way she could have survived the Jim-and-Pam Undeclared Soultrain of Love–especially when she names Legally Blonde as the movie she’d take on a desert island. But although she’s revealed as a former cheerleader with mid-brow tastes, Adam plays her just right: a well-meaning, fun girl whose only major flaw is that she’s not Pam. Adams did a great job blending in with the cast and lent subtle hilarity to her horror at Michael clumsily asking her out. These talents should serve her well in an ensemble cast like Superman.
  • Enchanted: Giselle, Adams’ fish-out-of-water fairytale princess, would be a tricky role for anyone to pull off–it needs to be satirized without becoming, well, a cartoon. Adams’ pulls this off swimmingly, showing the growth her character experiences and taking what could be a cliche role and grounding it in reality.
  • The Fighter: Think Lois Lane needs plenty of grit? Your worries will be completely vanquished when you watch Adams as Charlene Fleming, a tough-as-nails bartender who doesn’t take any guff from anyone–not even Micky Ward’s terrifying sisters.

So what do you think of this casting news? Adams wasn’t even a choice in our Lois Lane poll back in January. Are you looking forward to the new Superman movie? Post your comments below.



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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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