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Free Comic Book Day Is This Saturday, May 7!

Saturday, May 7 is Free Comic Book Day! On this day of days, not only can you stop by our three Oregon stores between 10 am-7 pm and get special free comics (while supplies last), but we’re offering $2 doorbuster graphic novels, an amazing 60% off sale, TFAW Bucks to spend on your next visit, and signings with 23 creators, including Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Steve Lieber, Paul Tobin, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Dustin Weaver, Scott Allie, Patric Reynolds, and many more! See the full schedule here. If you don’t live in the Portland area, you can still participate in FCBD with us–find out how here.

We’ve also put a handy-dandy cheat sheet of which store to visit and when, depending on your interests:

  • Star Wars fans: We actually have the artist for Dark Horse Comics’ FCBD Star Wars comic, Ben Dewey, signing at our Portland store from 2-5 pm! You’ll also want to stick around to meet Dustin Weaver, artist for Star Wars Vector and S.H.I.E.L.D., from 2-5 pm, before going to our Milwaukie store to get your Star Wars: The Clone Wars books signed by writer Jeremy Barlow (also of Dethklok/Metalocalypse), also from 2-5 pm!
  • Whedon fans: Kick off your day by meeting Buffy Season 8 editor and writer, Scott Allie, in Milwaukie from 12-3 pm! Then head out to Beaverton to say hi to Patric Reynolds, artist of the Serenity: Float Out one-shot.
  • Parents and kids: We’ve got some amazing kids comics writers and artists in our stores. You can start off in Beaverton to meet Amy Mebberson, artist for the Muppet Show, from 12-3 pm, as well as Ben Bates, artist for Sonic the Hedgehog, from 2-5 pm. Then, don’t miss your chance to get comics signed by the fantabulous Paul Tobin, writer of Spider-Girl, Marvel Adventures, and more, in Portland from 2-5 pm.
  • Periscope Studio fans: Can’t get enough of your local Periscope Studio creators? Neither can we! The Portland store has them all day–several already mentioned, plus Underground‘s Steve Lieber, Boilerplate creators Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, and Suicide GirlsDavid Hahn! You can also get your fix in Milwaukie from 2-5 pm and see Jeremy Barlow and The Guild: Tink‘s Ron Chan!
  • Marvel superheroes fans: Meet writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of this year’s fantastic Osborn miniseries, as well as a contributor to Girl Comics, from 12-3 pm. Then come to Portland from 2-4 pm to meet the incredible team of Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, artists on Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, and more.
  • Indy comics fans: Todd Herman and Herb Apon will be in Milwaukie from 12-3 pm showing artwork from their upcoming Warriors: Jailbreak series, plus, you’ll have the chance to peek at the upcoming series Witch Doctor from Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner from 4-7 pm. Beaverton is also chock-full of indy goodness, with Shawn Cruz and Micah Baker of Salem’s Corrosive Comics there from 3-6 pm, and Dane Ault of Monkey Minion appearing from 4-7 pm.

Whew! Don’t forget, doors open at 10 am–get there early to get first crack at free comics and more.

Are you as excited about Free Comic Book Day as we are? Post your comments below!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

Elisabeth has been reading comics since we was a wee girl. She's obsessed with John Byrne, Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, and making the perfect scrambled eggs. Follow her on @Twitter to get bonus conversations with her cat!