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Now You Can Find Plush Toys & Other Fun Gifts at Great Prices

plush toysPlush toys are fantastic gifts for many reasons: there are appropriate choices for almost any age group, there are countless options to catch the eye of even the most discerning collector, and — well, they’re cuddly! Looking for plushes and other toys this holiday season? Check out our page featuring holiday toys for hundreds of choices at great prices that won’t — ahem — toy with your budget.

Our Toy Fans Page has a section devoted to plush toys — from sweet DC plushes from Funko and cute Adventure Time toys to snuggly Star Wars and Walking Dead toys. However, the best part of our selection is that our plushes are 10-40% off, which means you can pick up an entire bagful of toys at a fraction of the price!

In addition to plush toys, our Toy Fans Page is stocked with hundreds of action figures, blind boxes, and other toys perfect for the holidays. Do you have a DC fan on your list? Make sure to browse our huge selection of DC Comics figures — everything from cute Ame Comi figures to action figures inspired by the New 52, the Arkham Asylum and Injustice video games, and more!

We’re also the place for toys from Dark Horse, including Domo, Snoopy, and Hellboy vinyls.

Make sure check out all of our Gift Ideas Pages for our recommendations. We’ve got eight pages geared to different types of fans, with thousands of hand-picked gifts organized by category and price!


Do you collect plush toys? What kinds are your favorites? Post your comments below!

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Written by Elisabeth@TFAW

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