Review: Negative Space #1

negative space #1 coverIt’s not often that a comic starts out by introducing its protagonist – on page one of Negative Space #1 – wallowing in suicidal depression. This is where we find Guy Harris, sitting a small room surrounded by the clutter of someone who has better (or worse) things on their mind than cleaning house. Most notably is the noose that sits on top of the clutter on his desk. Like all writers do at some point or another, Guy is struggling with writer’s block. Unlike most writers, the piece he is having trouble writing is his suicide note.

Meanwhile, at Kindred Tower, “everyone’s favorite multinational,” Guy’s suicide is the object of discussion. Or, rather, his lack of suicide is; his suicide is so important to Kindred that the company begins working to increase is depression and despair, pulling strings to covertly push him closer to the completion of his note and the utilization of his noose.

Before succumbing, Guy drops by Woody’s house, where he finds the beginning of an answer to why – unbeknownst to him – Kindred is so interested in his tragic end.

The hideous creature on the cover of Negative Space #1 teases at a more exciting chapter than you’ll end up reading, but the story nonetheless pulls you in immediately. Ryan Lindsay’s story and Owen Gieni’s almost emotional art make for relatable characters and the promise of great things to come. In particular, Gieni creates faces that can tell a story without a single word of prose. In particular, look to Guy’s face and feel all the sads. Gieni brings characters to life in a way few artists can.

Negative Space #1, writer: RYAN K. LINDSAY, artist: OWEN GIENI, letters: RYAN FERRIER, $3.99

Review by Rob McKinney.

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