Review: Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor, Year Two #8

11th doctor who, year two, #8Si Spurrier was tasked in Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Year 2, #8 to take the writing reins from Rob Williams and as a result, the installment opens with a bit of a rushed finish to the story arc from the previous issue. The Doctor and his four companions have escaped the universe’s best defended prison, but are still being followed through time and space by The Then and The Now. We misplace a companion or two and there’s a massive bar fight starring some of the universe’s ugliest jobbers.

The main focus of this issue is to give background and depth for Abslom Daak’s character. We may have just met the one guy in the universe that the Daleks fear more than The Doctor.

Warren Pleece’s artwork is simple and easy to read. There are no unnecessary details. Almost too few details, if anything. If the reader is unfamiliar with the television series and is completely unaware of Matt Smith’s and Alex Kingston’s portrayal of the Time Lord and his anachronistic archaeologist wife, the characters look great. Try to compare the two live actors from the show to their counterpart images in the comic, though, and you won’t find great likenesses. That’s a little distracting, but the overall effect of the artwork is enjoyable, engaging, and consistent with the television series and genre.

Arianna Florean and Nicola Righi tag team brilliantly to provide us with dark and twisty color for an equally dark and twisty narrative.

An enjoyable chapter in the saga of the loneliest Time Lord, the installment ends with the revelation of a Dalek secret that could end up being the key to proving The Doctor’s innocence and stopping The Then and The Now. Geronimo!

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor Year 2, #8, writer: Si Spurrier, artist: Warren Pleece, colorists: Arianna Florean and Nicola Righi, Cover Art: Tod Nauck, $3.59.

Review by Brendan Allen.

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Written by Brendan Allen

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