Review: Negative Space #4

negative space #4I love it when the cover of a comic invites closer inspection, when you’re drawn into the art without the hassle of turning a page. Such is the cover of Negative Space #4, whose cover art by Owen Gieni is as clever and detailed as it is graphically violent. You have a villain blowing his brains out, the ejecta is comprised of other villains, and where there was once a head, there is now – wait for it – negative space.

Guy’s detonation of the happiness bomb destroyed the Evorah in the same way a thrown rock destroys a hornet nest, and they are swarming towards land to harvest negative emotions the hard way. Meanwhile, the telepathic blast Guy unleashed at the end of issue #4 has resulted in a significantly smaller amount of staff members at Kindred.

In the Kindred tower, Guy watches the Evorah army turns the city streets into a nightmare as Rick explains what Kindred is, why they do what they do, and what they’ve done in the past that has led to the current state of affairs.

The line between good and bad, hero and villain, tragedy and victory are blurred masterfully, in that awesome-but-aggravating way that makes you realize you’ve already told yourself how the story will end, and now you have to rethink the whole storyline with the new perspective in mind. In particular, Guy’s character evolution and newly discovered powers might not lead where you think, and his place in the world – if has one – will be in question.

Negative Space #4, writer: RYAN K LINDSAY, artist: OWEN GIENI.

Review by Rob McKinney.

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