Review: Dark Knight III The Master Race #4

dark knight dk III master race #4Any parent will tell you that all of the hard work and all of the challenges in rearing a child is well worth it. What about when your daughter is one of the most powerful beings living on planet earth? What happens when THAT kid rebels? What happens when THAT kid decides that her parents are wrong, and she decides to hang out with “the wrong crowd?”

That is exactly the situation in which Superman finds himself in Dark Knight III The Master Race #4, with regards to his daughter Lara. She is all grown up and is one of the most super of all super-beings on this planet, if not THE most! With the Kandorian people of Krypton now seeking control of our world, Lara has chosen to take their side. Yes, this is a bit of a worldwide social-commentary that humans are not treating the earth well, but be that as it may, just because Lara and the Kandorians are multitudes stronger does not give them the right to take over our little blue planet.

Superman is standing on the side of we humans, as will Batman, we hope, to the best of his ability, in his state of overused and overwrought body-parts. Wonder Woman has yet to join the fray, and seems hesitant to do so. Here’s hoping that she’ll side with the Boy Scout and the Bat to once again form their formidable hero trio.

However, if Superman won’t join Quar and the rest of his Kandorian’s campaign to seize the earth and its inhabitants, and will therefore oppose them, then how WILL he fight his own daughter? Or will he? This issue addresses these questions, and more, and has me on the edge of my seat, so to speak. Apparently, things have to get worse before they can get better, and things… just… got… worse!

While young Carrie is not Bruce Wayne’s daughter, he is definitely passing her the torch in this issue. He gives her “hope,” some sort of pill that we will soon learn about, to be sure. Plus, Bruce gives her a gift which looks to be her new costume as BATGIRL!!! As Bruce has already touted her skills and intelligence as being better than even his own, it will be more than interesting to see how she takes on the mantle of The Bat in this world ever-filled with peril and superpowered Kandorians about to knock down earth’s door and claim our castle as their own. Quar, to be more specific, is demanding that Gotham City hand over Batman in thirty-six hours or they will lay waste to the city so long protected by our beloved Bat.

Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello’s intense story, paired with Andy Kubert’s stylized and bold artwork are quickly making this one of my favorite reads, these days. Oh, and did I mention the enclosed mini-comic titled ‘Batgirl #1,’ containing the appearance of one water-based superhero of earth? No? Well, remind me to do that, won’t you?

Words and pictures, my friends.

DKIII: The Master Race, Issue #4, written by Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello, pencil work by Andy Kubert. Published April 27, 2016.

Review by Steve Oatney.

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