Review: Teen Titans #19

Review: Teen Titans #19

Teen Titans #19Teen Titans #19 opens up with a quick recap for those who may have missed part of the story. While it isn’t the typical “Last Time on Teen Titans,” kind of recap, a new reader jumping in gets a pretty quick read of the field in regard to who the major players are. Cassie, aka Wonder Girl, is faced with a heavy decision in this issue, and she is torn between her demi-god aunts who both make valid arguments in support of their stances. Cassie’s friends, the Teen Titans, help her weigh both sides as the clock winds down on one of her most important decisions.

Teen Titans #19 takes us as readers through a turmoil we all face on a regular basis. Do we make the easy decision or the harder one that we know is right? This issue tugs at the heartstrings as we see Cassie struggle to figure out what to do with the new power given to her, and we ultimately see that the decision she ends up making, albeit the right decision, doesn’t always yield the satisfaction one should receive from being the bigger person.

As always, Teen Titans does a fairly good job pacing the story across its pages, and the artwork has a style that is almost unmistakable. The readers get to see all members of their favorite teen team in this issue, and they are all important players in the decision that looms over Wonder Girl.

Teen Titans #19, written by Greg Pak, art by Ian Churchill, published April 27, 2016.

Review by Alex Mitts.

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