Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

spider-man deadpool #5Peter Parker is dead. I know what you’re thinking. He can’t really be dead, can he? He can. He is. Dead. Perished. Liquidated. Breathless. Pushing up daisies. Expired. Extinct. Cadaverous. This isn’t some trick with a body double, or a clone, or an android. Peter Parker is dead.

Deadpool cashed in his contract on Peter Parker to end chapter four. One bullet in Parker’s face, two in his chest. This happened only hours after Spider-Man and Deadpool had the time of their lives tearing up the dance floor in ‘Pool’s night club. The Merc’ with a Mouth was finally getting some traction in his efforts to befriend Spidey, and then unknowingly killed him the very next morning.

The first scenes of Spider-Man Deadpool #5 show Peter Parker headed toward the proverbial light, and Deadpool giddily getting dressed up to bear witness to Parker’s torture in Hell. Deadpool is so certain that Parker will end up in Hell, based on the information that was provided for him by his mysterious client, that he has reserved a spot for Pete with one of Hell’s master torturers.

When Peter doesn’t show, DP assumes the wires must have gotten crossed somehow. He enlists the help of his wife Shiklah to bring Parker back to life, so he can send him off again, hopefully to the destination ‘Pool was initially anticipating.

When killing Peter Parker twice doesn’t land Parker’s soul in hell, Deadpool is finally starting to come around that he may have been duped. Peter Parker must be a good man. But where is Pete’s soul now?

Joe Kelly continues to show us a side of Deadpool that isn’t seen very often. ‘Pool apparently has a deep sense of honor and morality, he just doesn’t know how to express these traits without sending some lead down range and making penis jokes. He honestly thought he was ridding the world of a “mad scientist hell-bent on abusing wealth and power to generally screw over mankind.”

Mistakes happen.

Now Deadpool is on a relentless mission to save Peter Parker’s soul. You see what they did there? This whole time, we thought Parker would be the one saving Deadpool’s soul.

Spider-Man Deadpool #5, released May 25, 2016, written by Joe Kelly, art by Ed McGuinness, colors by Jason Keith, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino.

Review by Brendan Allen.

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Written by Brendan Allen

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