Review: All New All Different Avengers #10

all new all different avengers #10All New All Different Avengers #9 introduced us to a new potential member of the team, the New Wasp, Nadia, daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya. Nadia was trained in the Soviet Red Room, and her earliest memories are of a man with a red star on his arm (the Winter Soldier). After discovering that her father, Hank Pym, had apparently sacrificed himself to defeat his creation, Ultron, Nadia went to join the Avengers. So, we have a new Wasp.

In the second epilogue of All New All Different Avengers #9, we also learn that Nova’s father isn’t really dead. The deceased man Nova thought was his father was actually a shape-shifting alien. His actual father is alive, trapped somewhere in space. Nova asks Iron Man for time off to try to locate and rescue his father, but Iron Man refuses, committing the whole team to assist in the rescue.

In the opening pages of All New All Different Avengers #10, we find the team aboard a spacecraft that Tony Stark has purchased second hand from Reed Richards, which apparently has no engine and is being propelled through space by Mjölnir. The plan is to use Nova’s helmet to match frequencies with any distress signal that may come from Jesse Alexander’s Nova helmet. The team almost immediately receives a ping.

Following the signal, The Avengers find themselves marooned on an alien planet, their ship destroyed by a blast of electromagnetic energy coming from a distant tower. Having fallen headlong into a trap, they discover hundreds of other space travelers who followed the similar distress signals to the same fate. The team quickly decides they must travel through a strange portal into certain peril in order to save themselves and the rest of the marooned travelers.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Jarvis is taking Nadia to meet her stepmother, Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp. This part seems a little distant from the rest of the action. The Avengers are off planet on a mission. Jarvis and Nadia go on a road trip.

Issue #10 serves as another solid chapter in this series. Mark Waid’s writing continues to showcase the individual characters’ strengths and abilities, while shoring up the team dynamic. There are plenty of humorous nods in the script, like having Tony Stark, one of the richest guys on the planet, buy a junked out spacecraft with a missing engine for the team to travel in.

Another tip of the hat goes to Mahmud Asrar and Dave McCaig. The action sequences are amazingly detailed, but somehow the art team keeps the spreads clean and uncluttered. I said it in review of the last issue, that’s an awful lot of bodies (and a heck of a lot of red spandex) to keep separate and distinct.

All New All Different Avengers #10, Marvel Comics, released June 1, 2016, written by Mark Waid, art by Mahmud Asrar, colors by Dave McCaig, letters by VC’s Cory Petit, cover by Alex Ross, $3.59

Review by Brendan Allen

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Written by Brendan Allen

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