Review: Civil War II #3

Review Civil War #3

civil war II #3 coverIn the end of Civil War II #2, precognizant Inhuman Ulysses projected a vivid and terrifying vision onto everyone present. The Incredible Hulk would kill them all. This, right on the heels of Tony Stark pointing out that Ulysses’ visions may be influenced by his emotional state, and Ulysses’ emotional state being turned inside out by Iron Man kidnapping him from his bed in the middle of the night and torturing him (a little bit) in order to map his brain.

In Civil War II #3, this revelation leads to nearly all of the Marvel Universe showing up, unannounced, on Bruce Banner’s doorstep. Captain Marvel and Iron Man (sans suit) enter the lab to draw Bruce Banner out and explain the situation to him. Stark and Danvers both present valid arguments on their positions regarding Ulysses and his visions. Banner admits that he has been experimenting on himself with Gamma radiation to keep himself from Hulking up, and tells the group it as been over a year since his last episode.

Then it hits the fan.

The issue cuts back and forth between a courtroom in the present, where one of the Marvel U is on trial for murdering another, and flashbacks to the field in front of Bruce Banner’s not-so-secret lab, where the crime takes place. I can’t really say much about either scene without spoiling, so we’ll leave it there.

I said at the end of my review of Civil War II #2 that the pacing of this series was off, and that the build was too slow for a summer series of only 7 issues. Chapter 3 has finally hit the accelerator. The battle lines have been clearly drawn and war is on the horizon (which is good, considering there are only four issues left in this series).

Bendis’ dialogue is believable, and the emotional state of several characters is finally starting to make sense. If I had one (small) complaint about this entry, it would be the switching back and forth between David Marquez and Olivier Coipel on art duties. Their styles are similar enough, but the differences are noticeable from scene to scene.

Civil War II #3 (of 7), Marvel Comics, released July 13, 2016, written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by David Marquez and Olivier Coipel, color by Justin Ponsor, Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles $4.49

Review by Brendan Allen

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Written by Brendan Allen

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