Review: Mockingbird #4

mockingbird #4 coverReunited – and it feels so good. Well, mostly good. For a while anyway.

That’s the sentiment in the newest issue of Mockingbird, which reteams the troubled SHIELD agent with her one-time husband, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye. As Bobbi Morse’s Mockingbird is researching the mysterious illness that is threatening her life, she comes across a not-so-secret underwater base teaming with evil scientist-terrorists. As well as a certain bow-wielding Avenger.

They are reminded why they were such a good team – and ultimately why they split. Writer Chelsea Cain nails the dynamic between the lovers. It’s never too serious, but you always know they care about each other. She even sprinkles in a little backstory to humorously help move the pair out of a sticky situation.

Cain also adds plenty of lightheartedness to the series. Instead of SHIELD’s usual menace, Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), Mockingbird and Hawkeye battle Total Idea Mechanics (TIM). “So basically you’re AIM but in a different color suit,” says Mockingbird, who apparently is in on the joke.

What’s also refreshing about the series is that this character, despite having no super powers, can hold her own with the big boys (emphasis on boys). She rescues the gentleman in distress, not the other way around. She’s the one cracking jokes while beating up the baddies and as a scientist, she’s not waiting for some deus ex machina for a cure. She’s doing the research herself. There’s little doubt, when her life is saved in a future issue, she’ll only have herself to blame.

Mockingbird #4, Marvel Comics, Released June 29, 2016, Written by Chelsea Cain, Art by Kate Niemozyk, Color by Rachelle Rosenberg, Lettering by VC’s Joe Caramagna; $3.99.

Review by Tom Smithyman

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Written by Tom Smithyman

Tom Smithyman is a newspaperman turned marketing executive. A comic book enthusiast since the 70s, he tries to keep up with these alternate realities while juggling a professional career, family, community theater roles and passion for travel. Connect with him @tsmithyman and linkedin.com/in/tomsmithyman/