Review: Chew #54 — Ray-Jack’s back: Enter Chog-mania!

Chew #54 by John Layman & Rob Guillory

Chew #54Mason Savoy is pissed, and understandably so. He’s gone to great lengths to convince Tony Chu why they should join forces to uncover the truth behind the bird flu cover-up. But not even a trip back in time to the Cretaceous period (see issue #53) can persuade Tony. Tony’s mind is made up: He is NOT going to work with Savoy, period, end of story. (Sheesh, you bite off a guy’s ear one time and he never lets it go…)

As it becomes clear to Savoy that diplomacy isn’t going to work with Tony, he resigns himself to the fact that more extreme measures will be necessary.

Meanwhile, Amelia continues to hit a wall with the ending of her celebrated sci-fi novel series. However, it isn’t writer’s block she’s struggling against—after all, she’s not conceiving the story so much as channeling it from an unknown source. After repeated attempts to circumvent the seemingly inevitable conclusion (The world goes kablooie!), she finally manages to channel a new one. However, this alternate ending isn’t any more auspicious, and leaves her with a particular sense of unease.

Amelia calls Tony to relay her new premonition, but Tony’s not picking up—he’s working. There’s been an incident over at Montero Industries, and he and Colby have been sent to investigate. Ray-Jack Montero, genetically-modified food-turned-genetically-modified-creature tycoon, is back from his abbreviated prison stint, and is wasting no time making the most of his laboratory’s capabilities, adding to the Chog family such creations as the Chonco and the Orchog (take a guess…). However, when one of his researchers’ experiments goes catastrophically awry, Ray-Jack finds himself once again in hot water with the FDA.

After wrapping up the Montero situation, Tony returns to his apartment, where he makes a disturbing discovery…

Chew #54, Image Comics, released January 2016, written and lettered by John Layman, drawn and colored by Rob Guillory, $3.50.

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