Review: Chew #55 – Get Ready for a Shocking Change!

Review of Chew issue 55

Chew #55 CoverIn Chew #50, the exhilaration of final triumph over the Collector is undercut by an ominous epilogue: a muted image of Tony holding the battered (deceased?) body of his wife, Amelia. With only ten issues left in the series, we knew this event, whatever its actual severity, was going to take place soon. However, if Layman and Guillory have a penchant for subverting readers’ expectations, they’ve really done it this time. Even when I anticipated their bluff, they still managed to blindside me with an entirely different bombshell. I want to avoid spoilers, so just take my word for it: some sh*t goes down.

Much of the issue consists of an ongoing monologue by Savoy, who reflects on his wife’s death and his subsequent quest for the truth behind the avian flu. He talks of the “singularly awful” things he’s had to do for the sake of his charge, and hints at some equally awful things to come. He knows Tony will come looking for him soon, and he’s prepared for what he must do.

Indeed, following the incident at his apartment, Tony is looking for Savoy. He enlists the help of Caesar, who’s in the midst of dealing with a villian with a deadly penchant for carrots (easily the closest we’ve yet seen to a character from The Tick). Over the phone, Savoy instructs Caesar to lead Tony to him. When Tony arrives at Savoy’s location, he finds himself faced with what will be his most unappetizing meal yet… which is saying something, considering this is a guy who once ate a rotting rooster carcass.

Chew #55, Image Comics, released February 2016, written and lettered by John Layman, drawn and colored by Rob Guillory, $3.50.

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