Review: Captain Kid #1 — Wait? I’m a Superhero?

Review of Captain Kid #1

captain kid #1We’re accustomed to superheroes with secret identities that are kinda cool, if a bit banal. Peter Parker is a newspaper photographer. Clark Kent is a reporter. Bruce Wayne is a super-rich philanthropist. Bruce Banner is a scientist. Tony Stark is a rich philanthropist and scientist. And then there’s Chris Vargas, dull middle-aged reporter for a dying newspaper with a secret. His secret identity not only improves his physique and powers, it also sheds years off his age and improves his health too. He’s Captain Kid.

In Captain Kid #1 we’re introduced to Vargas in a bar where he’s celebrating his birthday with such a hacking cough that he barely manages to blow out the candles on his cake. He’s out of shape and doesn’t even have aspirations of anything bigger in his life. He works for a jerk of a managing editor, he drinks with a few friends, and he takes care of his elderly father. Not much of a life, really.

But when he’s Captain Kid, he’s super. He can pick up cars and float them to safety, he can sense electronics and the presence of weapons on others, and even detects what he slyly refers to as a “Jack Kirby machine” hidden in Supreme Lawn & Garden Supply. Turns out it’s just the tip of a bad iceberg, an evil empire that is plotting to subjugate all humans. Luckily the mysterious Helea shows up to help him and teach him a bit more about his superpowers. Yes, another superhero, but this time she’s wearing a “RELAX” t-shirt and looks like she just got out of an aerobics class.

Are they enough to stop the Mysterious Serpent? We’ll find out in subsequent issues.

This is a snarky, profanity-laced comic that definitely earns its “Mature Readers” rating. Is it a good story? So far it’s too soon to tell, but hopefully Mark Waid and Tom Peyer can turn a funny concept into a good story. Time will tell. Or perhaps Captain Kid will tell.

Captain Kid #1, written by Mark Waid and Tom Peyer, art by Wilfredo Torres, color by Kelly Fitzpatrick, letters by A Larger World. Published July 2016 by Aftershock Comics.

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