Review: Chew #56 — Savoy’s Ghastly Gastronomic Revenge

Review of Chew #56

Chew #56 coverHey, remember that time Tony had to nibble on the toe of his dead sister so she could tell him how to defeat the Collector? Well, he’s found himself in a similar situation in Chew #56 with Savoy, who himself has abruptly departed the corporeal realm. The difference is Savoy hasn’t forgotten about Tony’s stubborn refusal to work with him, and he’s devised a particularly unpleasant means of comeuppance. By ingesting a large amount of beets before offing himself, Savoy has made sure Tony will have to work to get the information he needs. In other words, Tony’s in for one big, not-so-happy meal.

What’s more, the door of psychic communication he’s opened with Savoy is proving to be a disruption at work, with the fat man popping up and commanding his attention at the worst possible times (might help if Tony quit snacking on the job…). At one point, Tony’s mental absence nearly gets Colby killed, but luckily he snaps out of it just in time to “ice” the felonious food freak of the day.

As Tony realizes he’ll need to eat a lot more than Savoy’s ear to get what he needs, Colby recommends having his brother, Chow, fix the fat man up Poyo-style. Tony is hesitant, but as it turns out, Chow himself is in need of a favor. Their sister Toni’s former fiancée, Paneer, has shown up drunk at Chow’s place, blubbering about the imminent end of the world. Based on NASA’s telescopic observations of late, it appears any planet around which the cryptic skywriting appears is doomed for an explosive end, which means Earth’s days are numbered.

If there is a way to stop the clock on Earth’s demise, the only one who knows it is Savoy, which means the only one who can uncover it is Tony – which means it’s time to get eatin’.

Chew #56, Image Comics, released July 2016, written and lettered by John Layman, drawn and colored by Rob Guillory, $3.50.

Review by James Florence.

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