Review: All New All Different Avengers #14 — It’s Just Quantum Science!

all new all different avengers #14 review

all new all different avengers #14 coverThe ANAD Avengers / Civil War II tie-ins (both of them, anyway) have thus far stayed in the peripheral of the main conflict of the crossover. All New All Different Avengers #13 was a character study on The Vision. All New All Different Avengers #14 turns a spotlight on The New Wasp.

Nadia Pym was introduced as The New Wasp in Free Comic Book Day 2016’s Civil War II. In All New All Different Avengers #9, Nadia arrives at the dilapidated airplane hangar that now serves as the Avengers’ home base. The New Wasp quickly gains the trust of the Avengers by helping to stabilize The Vision, who is suffering lingering effects of Kang’s manipulation from a few issues back. The Avengers head into space to help Nova rescue his father, leaving Jarvis and Nadia behind to go get the original Wasp, Janet Van Dyne’s blessing. When we last see Nadia, Janet, and Jarvis in All New All Different Avengers #12, there is a team of very large men from the Russian Consulate on Janet’s doorstep asking for Nadia.

In the opening panels of ANAD Avengers #14, the men on Janet Van Dyne’s doorstep who claim to be from the Russian Immigration Bureau turn out to actually be goons from an organization called W.H.I.S.P.E.R. The Wasps team up and are able to quickly dispatch the men before moving on to the conflict at hand, what to do about Inhuman Ulysses’ unreliable visions of the future. Nadia’s naiveté and altruistic nature are exposed as she attempts to apply a purely scientific solution to a problem of human emotion. Science and logic can fix anything, right?

When I was reading All New All Different Avengers Family Business (issues #9-12), I didn’t understand the timing of Nadia’s introduction. The rest of the team was off in the Negative Zone fighting Annihilus, and the new girl was off on a road trip with the butler. This is the issue I was waiting for. Now it all makes sense. All New All Different Avengers #14 didn’t require much narrative exposition because Mark Waid had already served it up in previous chapters.

Chapter 14 also serves as a jumping off point for co-author Jeremy Whitely’s upcoming series with artist Elsa Charretier. The Unstoppable Wasp, Nadia Pym’s solo series will debut in early 2017.

All New All Different Avengers #14, Marvel Comics, Rated T+, released September 7, 2016, written by Mark Waid and Jeremy Whitley, art by Adam Kubert, colors by Sonia Oback, letters by VC’s Cory Petit, cover by Alex Ross, variant cover by Mike McKone and David McCaig, $3.59

Review by Brendan Allen.

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Written by Brendan Allen

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