Review: The Fix #5 — Best of Partners? No.

The Fix #5

the fix #5When a beautiful teenage actress is killed by two masked hoodlums, it’s up to Cheryl, uh, Lieutenant Cheryl Harrison and Detective Roy Garney to figure out what’s going on and who committed this high-profile crime. Except they don’t get along. I mean, they really don’t get along. Like cats-and-dogs don’t get along. And Harrison being part of the hated Internal Affairs certainly isn’t helping things progress smoothly.

But there are depths to the case that make it quite complicated, not the least is that “The Kid”, 28yo Mayor Kendall Kincaid, son of beloved former Mayor Henry Kincaid, who is possibly implicated in the crime. Certainly Roy has a relationship with the “vic” that makes things a bit awkward. And there’s Josh, who is busy meditating and doing yoga when he’s not torturing people to keep them in line.

It’s all madness in this dark, slacker vision of Los Angeles, with detective Roy suggesting to the mayor after a tough video game session that he “swat” a particularly hated young rival, just to have the mayor really send out a SWAT team to intimidate the boy. And when a suspect surfaces, what he says to Roy turns the case on its head. Or does it?

There’s lots to like in this tough, gritty and very mature audience mystery where everyone talks the patois of the street (“uses a lot of cuss words”) and the interconnected relationships are explained slowly and gradually. Is there something strange going on between Roy, the mayor and the girl who has been murdered? Undoubtedly. But you’ll need to read this issue and head right on to #6 to find out more.

The Fix #5, written by Nick Spencer, art by Steve Lieber. Published by Image Comics, Sept 14, 2016. Available for pre-order now!

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