Review: Nightwing #1 — Flying the Coop Once Again

Review of Nightwing #1

nightwing #1For any avid Nightwing fan such as myself, just the cover alone gets me pumped to dive right into the issue. You have almost the whole bat-family right on the front cover, a sense of divergence in the color choices, and a good idea that this arc isn’t going to be localized to our favorite boy in blue.

As Seely takes us through Nightwing’s new life, he also kind of tears our hearts out a bit. This issue does a good job of setting up some exposition that is going to take the reader into a reinventing of Nightwing. The issue tugs at our heartstrings as we see some of the inevitable changes of life Dick must face. He and Barbara are not quite connecting the way they used to. Batman openly reminds him that he has a new protege to look after. Once again, and seemingly as always, Dick ends up on his own.

Fernandez‘s art is entirely appropriate for this new Nightwing. The art is reminiscent of McDaniel’s Nightwing run in the 90s while hinting at a Snyder feel that represents modern-day Batman titles. While I don’t entirely approve of the thin, streamlined blue bird on the new costume, I’m glad that Fernandez makes the best of it. I do hope that they thicken up the mask, the emblem, the stripes, etc. over the course of the next few issues…

Overall, the new title looks promising. It is a little early to tell what is going to happen to Nightwing in his new book, but Seely is delivering the motifs that Nightwing fans are familiar and comfortable with already while simultaneously promising that new things will be in store for our hero.

Nightwing #1, written by Tim Seely, art by Javier Fernandez, and colors by Chris Sotomayor. Published July 27, 2016.

Review by Alex Mitts

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