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Green Lanterns #9- One Ring To Rule Them All?

Phantom Ring story arc is accessible to new readers and exciting for long-time fans

Green Lanterns #9 revisits a character we first saw in Geoff JohnsGreen Lantern run, Frank Laminski. In Green Lantern #30, Laminski was piloting a craft called the Flaming Spear when he lost control and had to be rescued by Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.

Writer Sam Humphries takes us back to Frank Laminski’s childhood and shows us the events that make a meek middle child into a borderline sociopath. Always overlooked by his rocket scientist parents, his teachers, coaches, and peers, Laminski continually strives to be noticed, to be special.

The day he almost dies in the Flaming Spear, Laminski realizes that he set his sights too low. He becomes obsessed with obtaining a Power Ring and becoming the next Green Lantern. His life becomes a mess of insane risks, moonlighting as a vigilante Lantern, trying desperately to be noticed by the Ring and to be chosen.

When he ultimately finds himself weighed, measured, and found wanting by the Ring of Power, Laminski is at the end of his rope. In the lowest point of his despair, he discovers there’s another Ring. Anyone who goes to the trouble of obtaining the Phantom Ring can wield it.

Artist Robson Rocha does an amazing job showing depth of emotion in this chapter. He explores an intense range of expression on Laminski’s face, from anguish to elation. The character’s body language and ambulation tell us just as much about Frank’s mindset and mental health as his facial expressions.

Green Lanterns #9 is a perfect place to get started on Green Lanterns Rebirth. Chapter 9 kicks off a new story arc (The Phantom Ring, part one), gives a character study on the next Earth adversary, and a brief but informative narrative exposition on the history of the Lanterns on Earth. This is one of those rare issues that invite new readers along for the ride while providing all the elements regular readers are looking for in their favorite title.

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Green Lanterns #9, DC Comics, Rated T, Released October 19, 2016, Written by Sam Humphries, Art by Robson Rocha, Inks by Jay Leisten, Colors by Blond, Letters by David Sharpe, Cover by Robson Rocha and Joe Prado, variant cover by Emanuela Lupacchino, $2.39

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Written by Brendan Allen

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