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Return of the King

Thanos is Big, Bad, and He’s Back!

Few other names in the Marvel universe instill as much fear as that of Thanos. It’s the reason Marvel’s producers chose the Mad Titan as their big bad for their movies.

A literal worshiper of death, Thanos has made a habit of killing indiscriminately over the years, including his own children. That’s why this newest edition begins with a two-page spread that reads simply, “Thanos Returns.”

He’s Back!!

And return he does in Thanos #1, bringing a significant body count with him. Writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike Deodato guide us through the devastation and leave us with several mysteries. Deodato’s artwork is stunning. The expansive sci-fi tableaus are a feast for the eyes. They could just as easily come from the next Star Wars movie. Add to that colorist Frank Martin’s dark tones and it’s clear that the story isn’t going to end well for several characters–maybe even Thanos himself.

Lemire is a master storyteller and he doesn’t disappoint in this series. He does just enough to hook you early on. But there are plenty of questions unanswered so you’ll come back for more. Thanos is the main draw, but Lemire makes good use of lesser-known characters like Tryco Slatterus and Corvus Glaive. Throw in Thanos’ brother Starfox and his son Thane–also seeking to kill their fellow Titan–and it’s an explosive situation.


And you thought your Thanksgiving dinner was going to be awkward!

Thanos #1, Marvel Comics, Released November 16, 2016, Written by Jeff Lemire, Art by Mike Deodato, Color by Frank Martin, $3.99.

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Written by Tom Smithyman

Tom Smithyman is a newspaperman turned marketing executive. A comic book enthusiast since the 70s, he tries to keep up with these alternate realities while juggling a professional career, family, community theater roles and passion for travel. Connect with him @tsmithyman and linkedin.com/in/tomsmithyman/