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All for the Twisted “Greater Good”

Where do Bucky’s Loyalties Lie?

In the wake of the events of Marvel’s Civil War II, the Winter Soldier has been arrested and imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. But Bucky Barnes has a secret plan to prevent the assassination of his best friend Steve Rogers. To accomplish that, he’s busted the Thunderbolts out of Pleasant Hill. They were all serving time for masquerading as a team of superheroes while they had ulterior motives that were anything but heroic.

Bucky’s secret plan has obviously backfired, leaving the outlaw team with a difficult choice. After being left in the dark about his intentions, Marvel’s Most Wanted must decide whether to rescue their new leader or leave him to rot. After having previously suffered under the leadership of Baron Zemo and Norman Osborn, the weight of this decision is crushing.

Bucky’s on His Own

Meanwhile, in the basement of Holding Facility Obfirmo-4, Bucky is about to be grilled by the very man he has risked everything to save. Cap’s heel turn hasn’t yet been discovered. Everything is about to go sideways when the Star-Spangled Avenger plays on Bucky’s love for him with four little words. “Do you trust me?”

Thunderbolts #7 opens the new story arc Caught Red-Handed and is the first Thunderbolts issue in Marvel NOW! That makes this a brilliant jumping on point.

Regardless whether you’ve kept up with the events of Marvel’s Civil War II, writer Jim Zub does a fantastic job catching the reader up without over explaining plot points that have brought us to this chapter.

Sean Izaakses’s penciling style and Matt Yackey’s color lend a throwback feel to this re-imagined classic from 1997, And it compliments Zub’s writing style perfectly. Izaakse’s body language, ambulation, and facial expressions are spot on. Be sure to look in the background of this one. Some of the extras’ reactions are priceless.


Thunderbolts #7, Marvel Comics, November 30, 2016, T+ parental advisory, Written by Jim Zub, Art by Sean Izaakse, Color by Matt Yackey, Cover by Kris Anka, $3.99

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Written by Brendan Allen

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