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The War Begins

Aquaman Must Stop Black Manta’s Forces from Destroying Two Nations

As we open up on The Deluge, a new arc of Aquaman, things are not looking great for the king of Atlantis. The underwater kingdom is officially at war with the surface world.

There’s been growing tension between the Atlanteans and the surface dweller since Rebirth kicked off, but now things have boiled over in Aquaman #12. Because of  the evil machinations and trickery of Aquaman’s arch nemesis Black Manta, an epic war has begun.

One of the things that always made Aquaman a compelling character is that he is both a superhero and the leader of a nation. Since he took over the writing, Dan Abnett has really leaned into the political nature of this book. He’s put Arthur Curry through some serious trials, none more so than The Deluge.

The Battle for Peace

In Aquaman #12, our hero argues for peace from page one in this story. Despite the urgings of his advisors he knows that escalating the situation will only make things worse. His resolve and clear minded leadership further exemplify why he is one of DC’s finest heroes.

Every great hero, of course, needs an equally strong villain and Black Manta has long been the thorn in Aquaman’s side. However, in this story  Blank Manta has reached a whole new level of evil genius. He has the upper hand the whole issue, both Atlantis and the American government are scrambling to figure out what to do. Every time we return to Black Manta in the book more of  his cold sinister nature comes to the surface. Abnett has crafted an ever-growing threat that really seems to make it impossible for Aquaman to escape.

This is an incredibly strong start to the new arc. Yet it simultaneously feels like the culmination of the storyline Abnett started when he took over. The final page introduces a new wrinkle in the story that greatly increases the anticipation for the next issue.


Aquaman #12, DC Comics, Released December 7,  2016, Written by Dan Abnett, Art by Philippe Briones, Cover by Andrew Hennessey and Brad Walker, $2.99

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Written by John Campbell

John has been in love with comics since he was first given an issue of "Swamp Thing" at way too young an age. He can be heard every week on the podcast "Panel on Panels" discussing all things comics and comics related. He is also a filmmaker and actor who can be seen performing in shows around the Portland area.