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Not All Wounds Are Visible

Harley Get Sane and Sets on a Rescue Mission

General Zod’s Black Vault continues to wreak havoc on the staff and inmates of Belle Reve in Suicide Squad #8. While the virus renders sane minds insane, it has a paradoxical effect on Harley Quinn. As her team descends further into madness and a giant Kryptonian stirs, it’s up to Daddy’s Little Monster to save the day.

Chapter 8 opens with an implosion of Task Force X. Harley Girl is about to be eaten by Killer Croc before Rick Flagg intervenes. Flagg threatens to put a bullet in the nostril of the reptilian freak. Mostly because it may be the only weakness in Croc’s otherwise impenetrable hide. Flagg struggles to maintain control of the tense situation. Meanwhile, the Maid of Mischief attempts to convince June Moon to unleash the Enchantress to battle Zod, who is regaining consciousness.

A Peek Into Killer Frost

While the main story wraps up the Black Vault story arc, the backup story introduces a new member of Task Force X. This also leads into the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover, which begins December 21st.

Rob Williams’ script is packed with action and a sardonic sense of humor. In an interesting character development, Waylon Jones has developed a soft spot for June Moon. The biggest, gnarliest member of the team rolls over and exposes his soft underbelly when Moon’s welfare is threatened.

Jim Lee’s artwork on the main story is exactly what you would expect from a modern master working with this Suicide Squad cast. The action sequences are insanely busy, but none of the cast is lost in the mayhem. Artwork by Giuseppe Camunculi and Francesco Mattina on the backup chapter is also strong. There is an interesting sequence of panels that show progression with hardly any movement at all.


Suicide Squad #8, DC Comics, Released December 14, 2016, Written by Rob Williams, Art by Jim Lee, $2.99

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