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Super Teenage Struggles

SuperGirl Comes of Age

Supergirl: Being Super #1 follows Kara Danvers as she is about to celebrate her 16th birthday. Kara is like most high schoolers trying to figure out life. Kara struggles with what she’s about, what she has to offer, and where she’s headed. But amidst the teen turmoil, a catastrophe strikes her small town of Midvale.

It’s a thrill and a delight to follow the Girl of Steel as she deals wth growing pains AND having super powers. Mariko Tamaki makes many astute observations about being a teenager. You almost forget Kara is super-powered. Kara’s able to lift a tractor, but she also gets enormous zit on picture day.

Growing Pains

The writing is very relatable. The story is filled with characters that are uncertain and awkward, paranoid and controlling, confident and triumphant. Supergirls’ adolescent struggles are down-to-earth and enjoyable to follow.

Joëlle Jones creates a beautiful piece of graphic storytelling. The issue is pedestrian and familiar while simultaneously elegant and novel. Midvale High’s track uniforms are a clever visual nod to the costumes worn by Kara in previous comics. That touch lends a tinge of nostalgia without derailing the momentum of the new series. The expression that Jones brings–especially through the eyes–is rich and perfectly sculpted. Jones also has love for the disgusting (Oh, that monumental zit!) that is showcased nicely.

Supergirl Being Super #1 sets the stage for a ferociously strong, feminine and dynamic set of characters.


Supergirl: Being Super #1, DC Comics, Released December 28, 2016, Written by Mariko Tamaki, Art by Joëlle Jones, $5.99.

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Written by Donovan Eilert

Donovan is a host on the comics podcast "Panel on Panels". He has mastered the art of making his co-host roll their eyes. In addition to podcasting, Donovan can be found sipping tea, playing the ukulele and daydreaming about being the first zookeeper on Mars. Full disclosure: This article was most likely read/edited by Donovan's cat Artoo.