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Lucidity Comes at a Cost in God Country

Something otherworldly screams through the sky under a banner of war

Emmett Quinlan is a Texas widower who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Emmett’s son Roy is doing his level best, but failing in the role of caretaker. But Emmett’s outbursts have become violent. Local law enforcement attempts to convince Roy to institutionalize his father. Roy’s loyalty to Emmett threatens to tear Roy’s little family apart.

God Country #2 (Variant Cover)
God Country #2 (Variant Cover)

In God Country #1, a cyclone leveled the family’s homestead and reality got turned on its ear. While it appeared that nothing could have survived the destruction, a twenty-foot demon crawled out of the rubble. Intent on harming Roy’s little girl Deena, the demon was laid to waste by Emmett, wielding an enormous sword.

It became immediately apparent that something was up with the old man. Emmett not only fought like a berserker, his memory returned. As long as he held onto the mysterious sword, he was okay.

“And it began here. With a storm, an old man, his family, a demon an ancient, indestructible, enchanted twelve-foot sword and the god who wanted it back.”

The Gods have come to Texas and they don’t intend on leaving empty handed.

In God Country #2, we learn there is a cost to Emmett’s lucidity. There are consequences for misusing the sentient weapon. Emmett must take on all challengers. He must avoid using the sword in matters without honor. If the sword finds its champion unworthy at any time, it will twist Emmett inside out.

Emmett is faced with a heavy decision. He can keep the sword and live in clarity as its servant, or renounce the magical weapon and live in a secure cloud of dementia.

Every once in a while, a story comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. God Country is one of those stories.

Writer Donny Cates sums it up nicely. “God Country is full of heart, action, giant swords, Kirby Gods, Texans, magic tornadoes, and family drama. It’s really just everything I love, piled into one great epic yarn. Everyone is welcome to come on in, grab a beer, have a seat and get ready. We have a hell of a story to tell you.”


God Country #2, Image Comics, Release Date February 15, 2017, Rated M/Mature, Written by Donny Cates, Art by Geoff Shaw, Color by Jason Wordie, Letters and Design by John J. Hill, $3.99

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Written by Brendan Allen

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