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Amazons and Samurai and Vikings. Oh, My!

Sing, O’ Muse, of the Sisterhood that rose upon the Earth

In the opening chapter of Odyssey of the Amazons #1, a handful of Themyscirans set on an epic journey. Led by Hessia, their mission is to locate and recruit others of their kind. The Amazon race is made up of culturally diverse immortal warrior women who have each chosen to abandon the restrictions of “man’s world.”

Odyssey of the Amazons #1
Odyssey of the Amazons #1

The epic opens with a massive battle in the fifth year of their quest. This battle serves to showcase the diversity of characters within the Oiorpata. The myriad skin tones and fighting styles of the Amazons mesh into an unstoppable unit in battle.

A flesh ripping, fever-pitched battle

However, when the fighting is over, it’s revealed the Sisters of Blood and Shield have their petty differences. And there is a contingent within the team that has serious doubts about Hessia’s leadership. Too many Amazons have fallen and been lost in their quest. Many believe they should have forsaken the quest and returned home by this point.

Kevin Grevioux is tasked with filling in the gap between the origin stories of Queen Hippolyta and Princess Diana. Channeling Homer, Grevioux uses an omniscient narrator to bring the reader up to speed. The result is that the core cast is quickly established and developed into memorable individuals.

Ryan Benjamin’s artwork matches the tone and style of Grevioux’s script perfectly. And while the general theme is Grecian, each of the Sisters has a distinctive look and style. From armor and weapons to hairstyle, facial expressions to ambulation, these women are unique individuals.

Odyssey of the Amazons has elements of 300, Hercules, and Conan. Existing in the world of Wonder Woman, this six part mini-series will appeal to fans of epic fantasy and adventure.


Odyssey of the Amazons #1, DC Comics, Released January 25, 2017, Written by Kevin Grevioux, Art and cover by Ryan Benjamin, Ink by Richard Friend, Color by Tony Washington and Tony Avina, Letters by Saida Temofonte, $3.99

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Written by Brendan Allen

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