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Caught Up in the Wildest Storm

Saving one man could destroy covert power structures

In 1992, comics legend Jim Lee founded a new imprint of DC Comics called WildStorm in 1992. It established it’s own universe of heroes, but eventually shuttered in 2010. Now that Lee is the co-publisher at DC, he’s revived his pet project with the help of fellow comics legend Warren Ellis.

The Wild Storm #1 Variant Cover
The Wild Storm #1 Variant Cover

The Wild Storm #1 is the kick off to a new line of books. The first issue launches into a re-imagined world of WildStorm comics. It introduces new and old readers to the characters and environments of WildStorm. Ellis is the perfect writer for this material since so much of his work has been this type of densely layered, multi-character, conspiracy sort of story.

WildStorm Gets a Modern Reboot

The book jumps from incident to incident around the city. And right off the bat there is an operation gone bad with the character of Zealot. Eventually, other classic characters like Voodoo and The Engineer appear. Reader are  thrown into the crazy world of science fiction and government conspiracies.

It’s striking how grounded the events are in the new Wild Storm. The characters remain super-powered people, but the feel is updated and modern. Much of the extreme sheen of the 90’s is gone. There is now a more street level and gritty take on these characters. As a result, the characters feel more weighty and relevant.

The art by Jon Davis-Hunt creates a clean realistic look that reflects Ellis’ writing. The book is fast-paced and opens the door to many questions. Wild Storm #1 requires readers to invest in the characters and strive for answers about the universe. However, it appears that the creative team is building a large scale story worthy of the investment.


The Wild Storm #1, DC Comics, Released February 15, 20107, Written by Warren Ellis, Art by Jon Davis-Hunt, $3.99

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Written by John Campbell

John has been in love with comics since he was first given an issue of "Swamp Thing" at way too young an age. He can be heard every week on the podcast "Panel on Panels" discussing all things comics and comics related. He is also a filmmaker and actor who can be seen performing in shows around the Portland area.