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Miss America

The super-powered teenager take on college and an interdimensional monster or two

America Chavez has been a standout member of the Young Avengers and The Ultimates. Now she’s taking center stage in her first solo ongoing series–America. Fans will not be disappointed as she retains all the attitude and strength that made her so popular.

America #1 kicks things off with The Ultimates in battle before the teen hero heads off for her first day at college. She’s a super-powered Avenger from another reality, but she still needs to get an education.


America is enrolled at Sotomayor University. But this campus is a little different. There are Magic/Mutant Power Test Zones and a department devoted to Radical Women and Intergalactic Indigenous Peoples. At school, America reunites with former Young Avenger, Prodigy. And she also runs afoul of Professor Douglas, who teaches “Intergalactic Revolutionaries and You.”

Digging into America

America #1 is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of story potential seeing America in a normal college environment. This gives writer Gabby Rivera the opportunity to dig deeper in America’s character. Separated from a group dynamic, America’s relationship problems and her struggle to overcome the death of her mother are highlighted. She’s also been separated from her best friend Kate Bishop, who’s off in LA solving crimes in her own book–Hawkeye.

This series continues Marvel’s recent move of focusing on younger female characters. Although the story is fun and fast-paced, it’s also a coming of age tale. America has much to learn about being a superhero.

Marvel readers, both new and old, are sure to enjoy America’s journey. Plus, there’s a twist in the final pages that promises exciting things for future issues.


America #1, Marvel Comics, Released March 1, 2017, Written by Gabby Rivera, Art Joe Quinones, $3.99

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Written by John Campbell

John has been in love with comics since he was first given an issue of "Swamp Thing" at way too young an age. He can be heard every week on the podcast "Panel on Panels" discussing all things comics and comics related. He is also a filmmaker and actor who can be seen performing in shows around the Portland area.