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Iron Fist No More

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Mike Danny isleft What happens when the Living Weapon loses his power? Syncing up perfectly with the release of his new Netflix show, Danny Rand, a.k.a Iron Fist, spins out of the acclaimed Power Man & Iron Fist and into his own ongoing adventures.

Iron Fist
Iron Fist

Iron Fist #1 features a very different Danny Rand. He’s no longer the Iron Fist. Danny is left powerless and lost following the destruction of the magical city of K’un L’un. We find him drifting around the world of underground fighting rings. He’s taking more and more dangerous fights in the hopes of once again feeling like the Living Weapon.

Is Danny Losing His Powers?

There has always been a lot of dramatic potential in comics for a hero losing his powers. This book is no exception. Writer Ed Brisson fashions a much darker Iron Fist story than we’ve seen before. Without his powers Danny is forced to confront who he really is. He’s spent so much time with the mantle of the Iron Fist that it seems he’s lost some of his humanity.

While this is an existential character story, it also features the highly kinetic kung fu sequences Iron Fist fans crave. Mike Perkins draws the action exceptionally well.He mixes a brooding noirish vibe with intense and fast paced fight scenes. Colorist Andy Troy deserves a shout out for his bleak minimalist palette that pairs well with the moody and somber tone established by Brisson and Perkins.

The first issue does a great job of dropping us back into the world of Iron Fist. It puts us inside the head of Danny Rand as he adjusts to his new status quo. The final few pages hint at a much larger story that’s brewing. However, keeping things somewhat grounded to start is great call.


Iron Fist #1, Marvel Comics, Released March 22, 2017, Written by Ed Brisson, Art by Mike Perkins, Color by Andy Troy, $3.99

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Written by John Campbell

John has been in love with comics since he was first given an issue of "Swamp Thing" at way too young an age. He can be heard every week on the podcast "Panel on Panels" discussing all things comics and comics related. He is also a filmmaker and actor who can be seen performing in shows around the Portland area.