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    Wrap up your gifts with Comics

    Wrapping Gifts with Comics

    If you’re anything like me, you sometimes have stacks of comics that you might have doubles of, you won’t be reading again. Maybe you have some comics laying around that have cover damage or are otherwise a little beat up. Whatever your reason is for not needing them anymore, you can take those extra books and turn them into a unique gift exoskeleton ready to be torn into by the most visceral of recipients.

    Just like wrapping paper, this can be used for any situation. Does your kid like Steven Universe and have a birthday coming up? There are comics for that. Are you getting a gift for that horror fan in your life? How about past issues of Harrow County? Even if you’re low on comics in general and you don’t have a theme for what you’re doing, we have you covered.


    TFAW’s 5-Step Comic Book Wrapping Process

    Let’s wrap a Conan Funko Pop using a recent issue of Cullen Bunn and Sergio Davila’s Conan: The Slayer.

    Step One: Remove The Pages.

    Gifting your present

    You’ll want to start in the center crease of the comic where the staples fold over. With a pair of pliers, a pen, or even a butter knife, bend the ends of the staple up so it’s easy to just slide the pages out.

    Step Two: Figure Out How Much Paper You’ll Need.

    Gifting your present

    Sometimes, just one page won’t cut it. You’ll typically need two or more to properly wrap an item. With something like a Funko Pop, I’ll need three full pages.

    Step Three: Attach pages together.

    Gifting your present

    Using clear tape, make sure to attach pages in at least four spots for support.

    Step Four: Wrap the gift.

    Gifting your present
    Gifting your present
    Gifting your present

    There are many styles of wrapping, but I try to keep it simple (because I’m not that good at it). Since comic pages are often thicker than wrapping paper, it can be a little harder to fold. You’ll want go for the simplest ways of covering the sides and corners, securely taping down ends when finished.

    Step Five: Present Gift!

    Gifting your present

    Now that the present is wrapped, let that person you care about tear up all your hard work.

    We hope this fun way to wrap your gifts helps out for whatever occasion you have in mind. Visit our Theme Pages to discover all sorts of comics that will make for the perfect wrapping paper.

    Happy holidays from all of us at Things From Another World.


    Have you wrapped your gifts in comics? Send us photos of your wrapping!

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    The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel!

    In anticipation of the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie, we asked the TFAW employees to share who they thought would take the trophy in a battle royale between these two iconic superheroes. The best submission not only gets to share their thoughts here on our blog, but also wins a great prize pack featuring some super swag from both heroes.  Congratulations Ally Wilson for giving us a great run down on this epic match up of who you think would win and why.

    Bats are black, the last son of Krypton is blue, but when placed side by side, how do you chose between the two?

    With the opening night of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” so near on the horizon, more and more attention is being given to my two favorite comic heroes. (And rightfully so!) From super strength and speed, to gizmos, gadgets and guile, these two characters rule the DC Universe in both power and popularity.

    While both Batman and Superman are amazing characters, I have to admit that I have been addicted to Superman for pretty much as long as I can remember.  One of my most prominent memories as a child is actually when I first saw the Superman movie, where I simultaneously fell promptly in love with the character of Superman, AND wanted to be Superman myself.  After climbing atop my kitchen play set in the basement to see if I too could fly, my dream (and my face) quickly came crashing to the ground.

    While I was disappointed that I was not in fact Kryptonian myself, I at least had a brand new universe full of amazing stories and characters to dive into and explore.  It wasn’t long until I started reading older “Worlds Finest” issues pairing the black bat with our man in blue, and was able to truly appreciate both characters as individuals, as well as the wonderful juxtaposition of the complimenting/contrasting nature between the two as a team.

    But, if it really came down to it, who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman? 

    This is an age old question, right up there with “Kirk vs Picard” or “Who shot first?”, that is still as fiercely debated now as it was over 75 years ago, when the beloved Caped Crusader first earned his way onto the pages of his own ongoing comic series, and our hearts.  But, is this even a question worth asking?

    I mean, we’re talking about a human man, albeit a highly skilled and heavily accessorized man, against someone with God-like abilities.  Even Batman himself said, “In many ways, Clark is the most human of us all.  Then…he shoots fire from the skies, and it is difficult not to think of him as a God.  And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him.” (Superman/Batman #3/Public Enemies)

    Considering my Superman obsession, and the obviously uneven physical aspects of the two characters, I think the winner here is pretty obvious….

    BATMAN (Wait, what?)

    I know, I know, technically Superman could blast Batman from space before he could even say “Kryptonite”, let alone mount a defense; leaving poor Alfred quite the mess to clean up.  Apart from Batman launching a kryptonite-filled surprise attack, Superman could find a way to dominate in the majority of battle scenarios, so if we were just talking about abilities here, of course Superman would win.  But the question wasn’t, “Who would win in a fight, a Kryptonian or a badass billionaire with awesome gadgets?”

    If the question at hand is between Batman and Superman, then their respective powers and skills don’t even really enter the equation. Sure, Superman could destroy Batman without even breaking a sweat (do Kryptonians sweat?), but the real question to ask, is would he? Superman has spent his life using his abilities to help those in need, and knows that having the advantage against someone doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of your gifts against a weaker target just because you can.

    Without super powers of his own, Batman has had to learn to be more strategic, and take advantages that are presented to him. In a real fight between the two, Batman wouldn’t have the same qualms about doing whatever it takes to win. He would use all of his strength, intelligence, and any advantage he could get to make sure that he was the one coming out victorious at the end. Batman himself even admitted, “If Clark wanted to, he could use his superspeed and squish me into the cement. But I know how he thinks. Even more than Kryptonite, he’s got one big weakness. Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person…and deep down, I’m not”. (Batman #612/Hush)

    When all is said and done, even with all of the weapons and abilities at their disposal, the real determining factor of the fight would be simple morals and values; giving Batman the only advantage he really needs to win.

    While the Big Blue Boy Scout may not be the winner of a no holds barred Batman v Superman beat down, he has most certainly won fan girl status from me for the simple fact that he could rule the world with an iron a steel fist if he was so inclined, and yet he is constantly striving to be more ‘human’ than the levels of humanity most of us mere mortals choose to display.

    About The Author:

    Ally Wilson is a full-time manager here at TFAW, and a part-time freelance writer with dreams of getting her own nerdy blog up and running.

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    My Kind of Geek – The Local Yokels Edition

    A fine new comic day to you all! It’s been a frenzied month here at Not frenzied in the angry, swarm-of-piranhas way, but more of a hectic rushing in all directions simultaneously sort of thing. Regardless, we realized it’s been far too long since we shared any insights into the interests and obsessions of our fellow comic aficionados, and we mean to remedy that right now.

    Following the most recent (i.e., the only) edition of M.K.O.G., we have received a ton of new images. Thank you!

    That being said, we’re figuring out how to sort through them, categorize them, present them, etc. And we need a few weeks to get everything together. Luckily, in the interim, we found that our own co-workers were a ready and ample source of geekery just waiting to be set loose upon an unsuspecting world. And thus, without further ado, we’re proud to share our local yokels edition with all of you.

    First up:

    You cannot resist us puny humans!
    You cannot resist us, puny humans!

    I decided to take a break from my homework in order to gather together this display for the ‘My Kind of Geek’ photos.  This is a portion of my robot collection.  I’ve always liked robots.  It didn’t matter to me that The Jetsons was an annoying and predictable cartoon, it was full of robots so I watched it, along with Cubix, Voltron, The Mighty Orbots, Transformers, Go-Bots, Eon Kid, Turbo Teen, Droids, RoboCop…  Those are just the cartoons. I’ve watched Short Circuit more times than I should admit to as well as Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Robot Jox, Terminator, Heartbeeps… I could go on for quite a while here, but instead I’ll just make with the robot class picture.  This isn’t my entire robot collection, but it’s the majority of it to date.

    – Jeremy B.

    Very sweet. Jeremy’s not only a great guy, but he has impeccable taste in zombies, horror, animation, and clearly we can now add robots to this list. No doubt you’ll see more of his comic obsession sometime in the future, as he’s an accomplished 3-D animator to boot.

    Equally awesome–but in an entirely different way–is our very own Cindy, mistress of costume insanity! There are literally probably more photos than we could host of all of Cindy’s great costumes, but we’re settling for the two she’s given us this time around. The attention to detail is impeccable, as is the thought behind her given character’s motivation. Enjoy, and keep a close eye out next time you’re at a haunted house–that terrifying apparition just might be our resident costume ninja.

    Who? Me?
    Who? Me?
    Good Spider-Woman? Evil Spider-Woman? We're going with evil.
    Good Spider-Woman? Evil Spider-Woman? We're going with evil.

    A big thank you to both Cindy and Jeremy for sharing their awesome images. And a big thank you to all of you who have sent in images of your own. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you and will soon be posting your great pics.

    And although Jeremy and Cindy don’t get any prizes (apart from the admiration and gratitude of their co-workers), anyone whose photos we feature gets a gift certificate and international proof of geekery.

    Sweet deal huh? So what are you waiting for? Send us your geek photos right now! The sky’s the limit. Whatever you geek out about–from comics to Star Wars to Harry Potter–we want to see it! Send us your photos and a few words about what you love and why to:

    bloggen [at]

    to enter. Until then–stay geeky.

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    My Kind Of Geek – Ultimate Awesome

    All I can say is – WOW!!!

    We received a ton of great photos from you since we announced that we wanted to check out photos of your kind of geek, and I couldn’t be more excited. From collections, to costumes, to gaming – the variety of fan awesome boggles my mind.

    Rest assured, we’re going to be working our way through ALL of the great images you’ve sent us in time- as well as those we’ve yet to receive! But we also wanted to start sharing these great photos with you, our fellow fans.

    So in honor of Halloween, we’re pleased to launch the first edition of My Kind Of Geek with contributions of the costumed and candy collecting variety.

    Without further ado, let’s check out the image from our first contributor Quinn, and find out about His Kind Of Geek.

    This photo is of me and some of my friends at a Halloween party dressed as our favorite Marvel Ultimate Alliance characters.  It would have been the perfect picture if the Invisible Woman hadn’t photo bombed…

    – Quinn

    Awesome! I love this photo and the ingenuity you guys showed in creating these costumes. The only thing that makes me angry about this submission is that I should have been told about this party so that I could have crashed it in my Dr. Doom outfit! Mwuahahahahahh! Take note superheroes – Victor does not like being snubbed, and will be raving angrily from Latveria about your super-party this Halloween!

    Ermmmm… moving on.

    Our second contribution comes from Lisa, whose fondness for collecting Pez dispensers is one I also share – but cannot rival. Check this out!

    This is a photo of my Pez collection so far.  They’re grouped by type, i.e. seasonal and Star Wars.  I just took this photo to finally showcase my collection since I have no room in the house.  It’s also useful to find out what I’m still missing.  I’m always on the lookout for more dispensers.  I’m still fascinated with the mechanics of the dispenser and the detail on the heads.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the dispenser is still basically the same as when they first came out in 1952.  I’m still a fan of the candy especially the newer raspberry flavor.  Though now I don’t put the candy in the dispenser to keep them clean and a higher value.

    – Lisa K.

    That’s an awesome collection Lisa. I particularly like the Star Wars collection and can’t believe you have what appears to be a General Grievous AND a Death Star! For real? I’m going to start picketing my local stores for a better selection! My insurmountable jealousy aside, I’m totally impressed and wish you all the luck in your ongoing collecting efforts.

    Thanks to both Lisa and Quinn for sharing their great photos. We’re hooking them both up with a gift certificate to to say “Thanks for sharing!” Please check in with us regularly for more of My Kind Of Geek, and keep sending in those photos to:

    bloggen [at]

    There’s a ton of great stuff being sent in, and we’re flattered (and totally stoked) that all of our fellow fans are sharing some of their favorite pop culture obsessions. Until next time have a safe and fun-filled Halloween, and keep geeking.

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