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    Give Them a TFAW Gift Certificate & We’ll Give You One

    There’s a saying that “It’s better to give than receive.” That’s all well and good, but we’re asking “Why not both?” This season you’ll get to add a little something extra to your collection while you get the geek on your list something for theirs.

    TFAW’s Holiday Gift Certificate Promotion

    Now through December 22, when you purchase a TFAW Gift Certificate for someone on your list, we’ll give you a bonus Gift Certificate for yourself.

    GIVE THEM $40, YOU GET $5
    GIVE THEM $75, YOU GET $10

    That’s pretty much it. We’ll send your special gift certificate to you via email after your purchase is processed in our system, typically the next business day. You get to mark someone off your shopping list, and then you can to get something for yourself — all without having to eat into your holiday budget. Win-Win.

    If you’d rather wrap something up, we’ve also created special Holiday Gift Ideas Pages to help you find the perfect present for the geek on your list. If you’re going this route, we recommend that you order by December 14 (and choose USPS 1st Class/Priority Mail) to give your package the best shot at reaching you for December 24.

    The magic date for our Holiday Gift Certificate Promotion is December 22!


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    Black Friday Deals and Doorbusters

    Our Black Friday Sale is going strong, with over 700 products selling out in the past few days! This is our best sale of the year, so be sure to shop now for the best selection.

    Starting 11/25 at 6:00AM (PST), our 60% discount increases to a 70% discount on remaining items + we’ll be adding the doorbuster deals listed below.

    Quantities are extremely limited. TFAW uses a live inventory, meaning items are not reserved until you complete your order. Items may sell out if another user completes their order first. Savings may differ at Things From Another World retail stores.

    Join us for Black Friday here online at!

    Get amazing deals right from the comfort of your own home! Save 70% off thousands of items during our Black Friday Sale starting (6AM PST) November 25th.


    Doorbusters starting at $4.99!

    Witcher Volume 1: House of Glass TPB
    Retail Price: $17.99
    Doorbuster: $7.99
    World of The Witcher HC
    Retail Price: $39.99
    Doorbuster: $9.99
    Witcher 3 Figure: Geralt
    Retail Price: $29.99
    Doorbuster: $14.99
    Witcher 3 Figure: Triss
    Retail Price: $29.99
    Doorbuster: $14.99

    Paper Girls TPB Vol. 1
    Retail Price: $9.99
    Doorbuster: $4.99
    Doctor Strange: The Oath HC (LCSD 2016 Exclusive)
    Retail Price: $39.99
    Doorbuster: $29.99
    Legend of Zelda GN Vol. 1 Ocarina Time
    Retail Price: $17.99
    Doorbuster: $9.99

    Doctor Who Travels In Time Coloring Book
    Retail Price: $14.99
    Doorbuster: $9.99
    Flash An Adult Coloring Book TPB
    Retail Price: $15.99
    Doorbuster: $4.99
    Faber-Castell Triangular Colored EcoPencils – 24 CT
    Retail Price: $6.99
    Doorbuster: $3.99

    March GN Book 1
    Retail Price: $14.95
    Doorbuster: $7.99
    Incal HC New Printing
    Retail Price: $44.95
    Doorbuster: $29.99
    Over The Garden Wall TPB Miniseries
    Retail Price: $19.99
    Doorbuster: $9.99

    Star Munchkin Deluxe Edition
    Retail Price: $29.99
    Doorbuster: $17.99
    Supergirl TV 6″ Action Figure
    Retail Price: $28.99
    Doorbuster: $14.99
    Action Base Mini (2 pack)
    Retail Price: $5.99
    Doorbuster: $2.99

    SDCC 2016 Exclusive Captain Marvel PVC Figure
    Retail Price: $45.00
    Doorbuster: $19.99
    SDCC 2016 Exclusive Spider-Gwen PVC Figure
    Retail Price: $45.00
    Doorbuster: $19.99
    SDCC 2016 Exclusive Catwoman Noir Vinyl Figure
    Retail Price: $29.99
    Doorbuster: $14.99
    SDCC 2016 Exclusive Dark Knight Returns Bank
    Retail Price: $19.99
    Doorbuster: $5.99

    Limited quantities available on doorbusters so log in early.

    Get your Black Friday savings (6AM PST) November 25th through November 27th!


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    Don’t Fear The Batman

    The third annual Batman Day is September 17th, and who deserves a day of celebration more than the Caped Crusader? No one. It’s hard to overstate the impact that Batman has had on comic books.

    Quite possibly the most recognizable comic book character, Batman has appeared in more than ten thousand issues to date. He’s a genius detective who dedicates his time and incredible resources to the pursuit of fighting crime in his beloved Gotham City and beyond. He’s a complex and nuanced hero, whose story has been told again and again, subtly reforming in the same way that we build myths.

    For long time fans, Batman has changed significantly over his nearly eighty-year run, and with each new capitulation, he brings exciting new storylines. But for casual fans, or for those who have never picked up a Batman comic, the call of the Bat-Signal can be intimidating. Those thousands of issues represent quite a big backlog of reading to catch up on!

    So, in honor of Batman Day, we bring to you a new reader’s guide to the very best that Batman has to offer. Below, you’ll find several titles that help a new reader to gain some insight on the Dark Knight so that you’ll become a shining star on your Batman trivia team.

    Batman: Year One

    Batman: Year One

    As the title suggests, Batman: Year One chronicles the very beginnings of Batman as he starts out to become the savior of crime-riddled Gotham. Written in 1986 by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) — who had already gained quite a reputation by then — and drawn by Dave Mazzucchelli (Daredevil: Born Again), Year One was the reboot that everyone had been waiting for after DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

    The story itself follows Batman as he struggles to gain footing as a vigilante and slowly rebuilds the entire story of the Caped Crusader. As this title was DC’s attempt at restarting Batman’s legacy, it is essential to read and a perfect starting place for a new fan. From here, you’ll know enough about the dynasty to explore even the most loose canon titles.

    Batman: The Long Halloween

    Batman: The Long Halloween

    By Jeph Loeb (Superman Batman, Fallen Son: Death Of Captain America) and Tim Sale (Hulk: Grey, Grendel), The Long Halloween is the quintessential Batman series, now collected into a beautiful graphic novel. Long heralded as one of the best Batman storylines, Long Halloween is a great starting point for new readers because it features the character at his best.

    The story unfolds as Batman hunts down an evasive serial killer who strikes Gotham on holidays, coming to critical mass at the titular Halloween. This story reminds the reader that Batman is a master detective and it artfully illustrates the relationship between Batman’s alias, Bruce Wayne, as the action unfolds before you. (Pro tip: Check out the awesome Batman Noir edition that came out in 2014. It’s absolutely beautiful and this is the exact story that’ll make you glad for investing in a nice copy.)

    Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

    Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

    Written by comic legend Neil Gaiman (The Sandman, Creatures of the Night) with art by Andy Kubert (Dark Knight III: The Master Race, Flashpoint), this is an unlikely pick for new readers to the Batman saga because it takes place right after Bruce Wayne’s death. Many new readers shy away from this particular title because of its place right in the middle of a major story shift, but it’s easily one of the most critical pieces of the Batman mythos. It is the narrative answer to a recap for Batman’s extensive history, featuring appearances from every major character from the comic series’ past.

    While it is not a typical Batman story, preferring poetics and a shifting narrative, it examines the character deeply and in a way that is liable to make even the oldest Bat-fans fall in love all over again.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Doom Patrol) writes and Dave McKean (Violent Cases, The Sandman) illustrates this intense and psychologically challenging series that casts a long, dark shadow on the Batman story.

    Set within the heart of the legendary Arkham Asylum, where Gotham’s most disturbed villains have started a riot, Batman must face both his classic foes and himself to save the day. Arkham Asylum has a visceral story and Dave McKean’s surreal art leaves a lasting memory of the darkness that Batman has to face during its telling.

    This comic is essential for those readers who understand the importance of well-crafted villains for heroic storylines. While we don’t recommend this title as the very first Batman story you read, it should definitely be picked up shortly afterward.

    We Are Robin Volume 1

    We Are Robin vol 1

    Even more than Batman’s villains, the Caped Crusader’s allies are hugely important to his story, and there are none more so than his perennial protégé Robin. Writer Lee Bermejo teams up with artists Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph to explore another side of the city of Gotham through the eyes of several aspiring teenaged vigilantes, who all take up the mantle of Robin.

    This series reinvents the character of Robin, placing it not as the moniker for a single side-kick that works alongside Batman, but as a call to arms for the youth of Gotham. We Are Robin is cathartic and refreshing, reminding the reader that Batman doesn’t exist in a vacuum, because his influence inspires a generation of young people to take action against the corruption that they have uncovered in their city. We Are Robin is diverse and not at all pandering, while it discusses the themes of everyday heroism that began the Batman legacy in the first place.

    Batwoman: Elegy

    Batwoman: Elegy

    Batwoman is in many ways the true successor to Batman himself, and in Batwoman: Elegy, she is at her best. Perhaps the seminal work of Batwoman’s library, Elegy also happens to be one of the best works that helped to define Gotham outside of Batman himself. While his influence is felt throughout the story, the true hero featured here is Kate Kane, an heiress who chooses to use her vast resources to better Gotham by taking on the Bat cowl.

    During an investigation into a crime-worshipping cult, Batwoman faces off with a new villain who emulates Alice in Wonderland’s title heroine with a deadly obsession. Her encounter with Alice sends catastrophic ripples through Kane’s entire life and cuts to the core of what made her become a hero in the first place.

    Acclaimed writer Greg Rucka tells this engaging, fast-paced story which is brought to life by award-winning artist J.H. Williams III’s breathtaking work. Elegy is sparkling with action, and you’ll find yourself torn between dying to read what happens next and wanting luxuriate in William’s genre-defining layouts. Most importantly, Elegy introduces new readers to Kane’s own legacy and illustrates the lasting power that the cowl wields.


    So what do you think? What is your favorite Batman comic? Join the conversation and leave your suggestions in the comments or hit us up on Twitter and Instagram at @TFAW.

    Batman Day at Things From Another World

    Visit any of our four locations for Batman Day to get in on special Batman Day savings on graphic novels and more. Plus, bring the kiddos so they can participate in fun Batman Day activities.


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    Batman Day is Coming Up Soon

    Batman Day

    Join us at our Oregon Things From Another World locations as we celebrate Batman’s enduring legacy with generations of fans during Batman Day on Saturday, September 17 from 11AM – 7PM.

    • Free Batman Day comic (Batman Day Rebirth #1 Variant) while supplies last
    • Fun activities for the kids
    • Batman Day Art Show
    • Special one-day-only savings on Batman products

    Special Savings In-Store & Online

    Stop by the shop to get 10% savings on Batman graphic novels (including Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Nightwing, Joker, Harley Quinn and more) and select Batman merchandise. Special 20% savings on some of our favorite Batman graphic novels!

    For those of you who can’t make it to our local stores, we’ll be offering special Batman Day savings at on Saturday, September 17th as well!

    Batman Day Community Art Gallery

    Do you want to display your Batman art at your local Oregon TFAW store? What about online? We’re looking to showcase awesome Bat-Art for Batman Day September 17th.

    Drop of a copy of your art at any one of our local TFAW stores by Sepbember 16th. Don’t live nearby? Email your art to (jpg format no bigger than 1200px) to to have it showcased here in our blog! Be sure to include contact information (website, social media profiles, deviantArt page etc)! Then, stop by the shop or come to the TFAW Blog to see your artwork, along with dozens of other submissions!

    Snap a Pic with Batman & Batgirl

    Want to meet the Dark Knight himself? Come by Portland Things From Another World from 11AM – 1PM and get your photo taken with Batman and Batgirl!

    Batman Day Edition of Geek Trivia in Milwaukie

    Think you know the most about Batman? Come prove it. We’ve partnered with our friends at The Beer Store Milwaukie to bring you a special Batman Edition of Geek Trivia from 8-10PM September 17th! Located just two blocks North of our Milwaukie Things From Another World location at the Beer Store Milwaukie for a pub-style trivia event complete with prizes.


    We’ll see you September 17th for Batman Day!

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    TFAW at San Diego Comic-Con: Don’t Miss Us!

    san diego comic-con 2016 logoIf you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con then congrats, you’re in for an amazing few days jam packed with comics, fantasy, scifi, movies, TV series, cosplay and so much more. In fact, you’re going to be exhausted by the end of SDCC. How do we know? Because we go every year and it’s awesome!

    As we’ve done in previous years, TFAW is also going to have a booth where we’ll be selling all sorts of super cool stuff, including SDCC exclusives, Lightsaber lights, board games and more. You do not want to miss what we’ll be offering!

    First, though, here’s how to find us: We’re at Booth 5625 which you can see on this map:

    SDCC Floor map, find us at Booth #5625

    Now you know how to find us, here’s why you’ll want to stop by and pay us a visit!

    First up is our amazing Previews Exclusive Civil War II #0-#4 SDCC Bundle. Check it out:

    TFAW Civil War II bundle for SDCC

    You’ll get all 4 issues bagged and boarded for $18.46.

    Check out these awesome new Catwoman and Wonder Woman Noir Bombshell vinyl figures $29.99 each. Hint: Save $15 when you buy both at SDCC!

    wonder woman + cat woman statue figure figurine bundle for sdcc

    We’ll also have a huge range of Funko pops at the great price of $10 each.

    But we’ve got so much more to help you grow your collection, whether you’re into comic books, graphic novels, figures or just about anything else from the fan universe. Graphic novels? We’ll have them at 25% to 50% off the cover price!

    Mystery Deadpool Keyings will also be available!

    funko pops from tfaw for sdcc

    Tell us you don’t want one right this very second!

    Oh, and there are these, because you need to bring something home for the kids too:

    tsum tsum from tfaw for sdcc

    Don’t tell anyone but I’m a huge fan of the Tsum Tsum Tigger!

    With all our Mystery Blind Boxes and Keyrings at SDCC from Funko and more, if you don’t like who you get, we’ll trade you with one we have on display!

    Tell us that this Harley Quinn 8 inch statue isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen:

    harley quinn figure figurine sculpture from tfaw for sdcc

    Yup, she’ll be at our booth at San Diego Comic-Con too Booth 5625.

    Please, stop by, check out what we’ve got, and most of all enjoy Comic-Con. We certainly will!

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    Black Friday Savings Are Back at Things From Another World

    Synchronize your watches! The savings are coming back to Things From Another World with our annual Black Friday Sale. Start your geeky holiday shopping early with a Biff Bang Pow! You won’t believe the awesome deals we have for you this year.

    Online Sale at


    We are kicking off our popular progressive sale on November 20th with 50% savings on thousands of comics, graphic novels, statues, toys, and other collectibles. On November 24th, the discount will increase to 60% on remaining sale items.  The savings will culminate on Black Friday, November 27th, with 70% off and two waves of doorbusters–one at midnight and one at noon. Cyber Monday, November 30th, we’ll hit you with three more waves of awesome deals to end the sale!

    Plus, during our Black Friday Sale, you will get free domestic shipping on all in-stock orders containing $45 or more of comics and graphic novels!

    While the savings will increase as the sale continues, don’t wait to place your order–stock is limited, and someone else will steal these deals out from under you if you don’t act fast.

    Be sure to shop our incredible Black Friday Sale at, starting on Friday, November 20th and continuing through Cyber Monday, November 30th.

    Be sure to RSVP on Facebook so you’ll get a reminder you about the event!

    Oregon Store Locations:


    Sale Preview Event for Box Customers
    Before our stores open on Black Friday, November 27th, we are holding a special VIP event for our subscription box customers. This event is by invitation only. Be sure to empty your subscription box in November to get the invitation.

    Savings Begin Early
    We are opening our doors early at 9 a.m. on Black Friday to make sure you have plenty of time to save 20-80% on most products throughout the store! (Savings don’t apply to statues, collectibles or other non-discountable items. Deals and stock differ from store to store and online at These deals begin on Friday, November 27th, and continue while supplies last through Sunday, November 29th.

    Doorbuster Deals Starting at Just $4.99
    If you are looking for even bigger savings, check out our selection of doorbuster deals and manager’s specials. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, Batman, Spider-Man, or classic Dark Horse/Marvel/DC tales, we’ve got a deal just for you! But be sure to get to the store early because these savings are only good while supplies last.

    Be sure to stop by your local Things from Another World to shop our incredible Black Friday Sale, starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, November 27th and continuing through Sunday, November 29th.

    Be sure to RSVP on Facebook so you’ll get a reminder you about the event!

    Unless you have a DeLorean, you won’t have a second chance to get these deals!

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    TFAW Bucks Are Back!


    Want free money to spend in TFAW Store? Free Comic Book Day is May 2, and to make it even more exciting we are bringing back TFAW Bucks!

    How can you earn TFAW Bucks? Shop at Portland, Beaverton, or Milwaukie TFAW stores all April long, and for every $10 you spend, you’ll receive one TFAW Buck. The more money you spend, the more TFAW Bucks you get!

    How can you redeem TFAW Bucks? Bring them back to our Oregon TFAW stores on Free Comic Book Day and match them with your own money to save on anything in the store!

    Remember, Free Comic Book Day is the only day you can redeem your TFAW Bucks, get up to 10 free comics (while supplies last), meet your favorite comic book creators, and save 20% on almost everything in the store!

    Are you getting pumped for Free Comic Book Day? See what awesome events and deals we’ve got planned for you, and tell us what you are most excited about in the comments below!

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    Get Ready for Free Comic Book Day at Things From Another World


    Things From Another World will open early at 9 am on Saturday, May 2 for Free Comic Book Day, an incredibly popular, family-friendly event! We’ve got so many exciting events and deals planned that it’s impossible to list them all, but here is a taste of what to expect from Free Comic Book Day at TFAW stores:
    •    up to 10 special free comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more (while supplies last)
    •    autographs from your favorite comic book creators
    •    coloring contest for kids, judged by Ron Chan (Plants Vs. Zombies, The Guild, Husbands)

    But wait, there’s more!  Only on Free Comic Book Day, save 20% on almost everything in the store, get an additional 5% off if you are a box customer, and shop our $2 and $5 doorbuster deals.

    End the day right, and join us at the Portland TFAW store from 7 to 10 pm for free food—including burgers, hot dogs, and veggie options—and beer (for those 21+).

    However, you’ll want to shop at TFAW all April long, because we’re bringing back TFAW Bucks! It’s simple—for every $10 you spend, you’ll receive one TFAW Buck. Bring them back to TFAW on May 2 and match them with your own money to save on anything in the store (see store manager for details)!

    “Free Comic Book Day has grown each year until it’s become something of a national celebration,” said Things From Another World founder and president Mike Richardson. “What better way to celebrate than to visit Things from Another World and spend a fun and comics filled day that the entire family can enjoy.”

    Here is our full Free Comic Book Day signing schedule:

    Portland TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Ron Chan (Plants Vs. Zombies, The Guild, Husbands)
    •    Cat Farris (Emily and the Strangers, Sixth Gun: Dust To Dust, The Last Diplomat)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    Paul Tobin (Bandette, Colder, Plants Vs. Zombies)
    •    Colleen Coover (Bandette, Gingerbread Girl, X-Men: First Class)

    3:00-5:00 pm
    •    Mike Richardson (47 Ronin, Deep Gravity, Father’s Day)

    4:30-6:30 pm
    •    Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man)

    Beaverton TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes, The Pound)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    Christopher Sebela (High Crimes, Dead Letters, Escape From New York)
    •    Jonathan Case (Before Tomorrowland, Batman ’66, Green River Killer)

    Milwaukie TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Joëlle Jones  (Lady Killer, Helheim, Dr. Horrible)
    •    Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    David Walker (Shaft, Number 13, The Army of Doctor Moreau)

    3:00-5:00 pm
    •    Keith Tucker (Roger Rabbit, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Animaniacs)

    Make sure to mark your calendars and come out to your favorite TFAW store for all the family-friendly fun and great deals on Free Comic Book Day!

    RSVP on our Facebook today:

    Portland TFAW
    Beaverton TFAW
    Milwaukie TFAW

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    Things From Another World Landing in Seattle

    Things from Another World at Emerald City Comicon Booth #302

    Things From Another World is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting during Emerald City Comicon at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from March 27th to 29th, 2015.

    We are bringing an exciting selection of products with us, including new items that are not available for sale in our stores or online. As always, we are going to have a wide variety of graphic novels, statues, collectibles and more! Stop by booth #302 to save 50% on graphic novels and up to 50% on statues and collectibles. Regular Funko POP! Vinyl figures will be available for $10 each or 3 for just $27.

    “TFAW is happy to be back at ECCC,” said TFAW Marketing Manager Elena Wellard. “We are looking forward to bringing out of this world deals to customers both old and new!”

    Emerald City Comicon is the largest comic book and pop culture event in the Pacific Northwest. It has been rapidly growing since its inception in 2003 and is expected to draw 80,000 attendees this year. Special guests scheduled to appear include Stan Lee, Clark Gregg, Morena Baccarin, John Barrowman, Julie Benz, Charisma Carpenter, Patrick Warburton, and many others.

    Our booth #302 is located just inside the entrance, so be sure to mark it as your first stop at the con to check out ECCC exclusive deals and have the best selection of graphic novels, statues, and collectibles!

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    11 Reasons Why You’ll Visit TFAW First for Black Friday Deals This Year

    Black Friday Deals at TFAWWhat makes Things From Another World the ultimate source for geeky Black Friday Deals this year? We’re glad you asked.

    Our Dark Nights of November Progressive Sale has been going on since 11/15, but things will hit a fever-pitch on Black Friday when the discount increases for the final time.

    Starting Black Friday, you’ll save 60% on select graphic novels and a whopping 80% on comics and our highly regarded Nick & Dent products. We’ll also be adding hundreds of new sale items at 50% off and great doorbusters at incredible prices!

    We’ve been pretty tight-lipped about our doorbuster deals — until now. These doorbusters will be on sale 11/29 – 12/2 while supplies last:

    • Massive 800-page Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Last Hope for the Galaxy HC — Retail Price: $99.95 Doorbuster Price: $20.00 (pictured here)
    • Star Wars: Darth Maul – Death Sentence TPB — Retail Price: $15.99 Doorbuster Price: $8.00
    • Astonishing X-Men Vol. 10 TPB– Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $8.00
    • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns TPB — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $10.00
    • The Walking Dead #115 Master Bundle — Retail Price: $32.89 Doorbuster Price: $21.99
    • Walking Dead Comic Series Governor Action Figure — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $12.00
    • Walking Dead Comic Series Penny Action Figure — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $12.00
    • Walking Dead Comic Series Glenn Action Figure — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $12.00
    • Walking Dead Comic Series Michonne’s Pet Action Figure — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $12.00
    • The Massive Vol. 1 TPB — Retail Price: $19.99 Doorbuster Price: $10.00
    • The Mask TPB — Retail Price: $14.95 Doorbuster Price: $6.00

    So yeah, we have some pretty great deals in store for you this year. Make sure TFAW is your first stop this Black Friday. Remember, we have limited stock on these doorbusters, so once they’re gone, they’re gone — don’t let someone steal these deals from you.

    Note: Product selection and prices specific to and may not be available at Things From Another World brick and mortar locations.

    Got a geek on your holiday shopping list? Check out our Gift Ideas Pages for recommendations that will make you the hero this holiday season.


    Are you buying comics for your favorite people this year? Post your comments below!

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    Black Friday Deals and Dark Nights of November Sale at TFAW

    Get ready for the biggest sale of the year and amazing Black Friday Deals from Things From Another World! Our Dark Nights of November Progressive Sale begins this Friday at 12:01 am (PST) and continues through December 2. Starting this Friday, you’ll save 40-60% on thousands of comics, graphic novels, and more.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the sale, and get a sneak peek at some of the Black Friday Deals and doorbusters we have planned.


    Excited for this year’s progressive sale? Post your comments below!

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    Horror Month Interview: Scott Allie Talks Abe Sapien & More

    As part of Horror Month this October, we’re interviewing the creators of comics’ best horror comics–and who better to kick things off than Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie? During his nearly 20 years at Dark Horse, he’s edited such notable horror comics as Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Criminal Macabre, and he’s currently co-writing the monthly Abe Sapien series with Mike Mignola.

    We chatted with him about transitioning from an editor to writer, and what’s coming up next for Dark Horse’s horror line!

    Abe Sapien Comics

    Our thanks to Scott Allie for taking the time to answer all of our questions! Make sure to stop by our Horror Month Sale and save 25-50% on hundreds of horror comics, toys, and more.




    Please share this video on Facebook and any other social media outlet of your choosing. Post your comments below!

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